It’s a soggy Monday morning.

I swear the weather gets weirder the older I get and it definitely seems like the seasons are shifting to the left by a couple of weeks. It rained off and on all day yesterday and it was cold for August. I don’t think it made it very far into the 70’s yesterday and usually August is when we see a good chunk of 90+ degree weather.

Today it’s supposed to rain all day and harder than yesterday resulting in some flood watch alerts for areas of South Eastern Michigan that are prone to such things and it’s not supposed to get any warmer than 65 degrees. That’s just nuts for August. It feels more like October than August around here. Tomorrow we get back up to 76 tomorrow and closer to normal on Wednesday when it should hit 89, but the dog days of summer this isn’t.

Not that I’m complaining too much as it makes for nice sleeping weather when normally August is pretty miserable, but it does give one pause to wonder.

4 thoughts on “It’s a soggy Monday morning.

  1. Les – I am in the same boat as you, same temps, same rain. I actually saw gaggles of geese flying south already, so take that omen as you will.

  2. Eowyn, it didn’t last. We were back up to a humid 90+ yesterday and it’s supposed to get up there again today with more rain for most of the day today. It was just weird to have it be so damned cool in August.

  3. It’s unusually cool and very, very wet here in Texas. I don’t think we’ve even come close to 100 yet, but our doormat sprouted mushrooms. Well, at least we’ve more than made up for the drought.

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