Having done all the damage he can Karl Rove calls it quits.

Karl Rove has announced he’s quitting his job as High Overlord of the Department of Evil in the White House. He plans to hang up his Darth Vader helmet and cape by the end of the month:

A senior administration official described Rove’s agony over the decision, and how “he and his family struggled” over it and why “this is a good as time as any.”

“You’re never going to replace him,” said another senior administration official, adding that Rove served a “unique role.”

“It’s up to [White House Chief of Staff] Josh [Bolten] whether he’ll be replaced,” the official said.

I’m sure Rove’s agony is nothing compared to the agony he’s indirectly inflicted on the American populace for the past 7 years. While I’m pleased he’s tossing in the towel it’s tempered by the fact that the damage is already done so his leaving doesn’t really give one hope that things will improve anytime soon.

11 thoughts on “Having done all the damage he can Karl Rove calls it quits.

  1. The living embodiment of the phrase “Chaos, panic, disorder.  My work here is done.”

    He’s got to get out while he can still drop names to get a new job.  It’ll only get harder as Republicans start to distance themselves from Bush heading into the election.

  2. The greatest crime is that this fat bastard will die in his bed, lionized to the end by a certain segment of the right.  He’ll be emeritus on a few right-wing belief tanks, write a biography, collect fat speaker fees, and be given a cushy sinecure in law or lobbying.  While folks like you and I work (at real jobs) for the rest of our lives at real jobs and try to inflict as little harm as possible on our fellow travelers to the grave.

    Like Kissenger, he will slip out of the noose so rightfully his.  Both should have been tried at the Hague for the war criminals they are, and unceremoniously hung like the criminals they are. 

    Normally, I have mixed feelings about the death penalty.  But not in this case.  To plaguarize “Babylon 5”‘s Vir, I want to see them beheaded and their heads on pikes as a warning to the next ten generations of eminences grises.

    Okay, I think I’m done ranting for now.  Thanks for putting up with it, folks.  They didn’t give me enough middle fingers for scum like Rove.

  3. I can’t wait to see Stewart and Colbert’s reaction.  Tonight’s episodes will be priceless.

  4. You gotta suspect that Someone was closing in on him and he’s quitting in a desperate attempt to distance himself from the White House in order to save it.  I don’t trust the timing of this, and I can’t imagine he’d give up power just to “spend time with his family.”  Something big is going to go down, and he’s trying to dodge it.

  5. Like Kissenger, he will slip out of the noose so rightfully his.

    I knew satire was dead when they gave Kissenger the Nobel Peace Prize

    (After Lehrer)

    In Britain ‘more time with my family’ often means ‘gay sex scandle’.  There was one Tory Cabinet Minister (Malcolm Rifkind?) who after about a week, journo’s finally concluded he really did want to get away from the pressures and stress of Front bench life, much to everyones surprise.

  6. Brilliant, cunning and ruthless strategist.

    In the merits of his achievements, on their own, I truly admire him. It’s a pity I stand against everything that’s come as a result. We could use to learn quite a few things from him, but I don’t imagine most of us will.

  7. GM: Something big is going to go down, and he’s trying to dodge it.

    You know everyone’s going to shit on W as soon as he’s out of the White House.  I think Rove is just trying to get setup somewhere else while the getting’s still good.  That way he’ll have a year in wherever before the election. 

    Or maybe he realized that he’s broken all the toys at that house, and they won’t let him play with anything else, so he’s off to find somewhere else to play.

  8. I look forward to the day when politicians can appear in public with their gay lovers, but a real scandal would be incompetence or influence-peddling in office.

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