Gonna be a busy weekend.

Headed up to my parent’s place as we have a birthday party for Anne’s grandmother to attend in Davison today which is a short drive from Otisville. She’s hitting 90 so they’re having a big shindig with as much of the family as they can gather in one place. Then we’re headed back to my parents to sleep over so we can celebrate Courtney’s birthday on Sunday with my side of the family. We’re taking a cake and snacks up with us for that party. Then it’s back here for another birthday celebration for Courtney with my in-laws. Courtney’s actual birthday is Monday and she shares it with Grandma Grumley so both of them are celebrating a day or two early.

Probably won’t be too many posts from me as a result, but I’ll probably try to pop in once or twice this evening. Have a good weekend otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Gonna be a busy weekend.

  1. “Otisville” -is this the country given to Otis by Lex in the original Superman movie?  wink

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