Going to see Dr. Toothys in training tomorrow.

Taking QM’s advice I’ve contacted the University of Michigan’s dentist’s school and will be paying them a visit tomorrow to have these two teeth dealt with. Oddly enough I don’t have an appointment because they’re booked through October, but the oral surgeons apparently do walk-ins and the appointment lady suggested I show up around 8:15AM on Wednesday to line up so I’m taking the day off tomorrow.

Life, being life, has conspired to ensure that this will not be the end of my tooth troubles. Now I seem to have lost a filling on the lower left hand side of my mouth that was on the top of the tooth so now anytime I eat on that side of my mouth the hole gets impacted and the tooth hurts. Chewing anything at this point is an experiment in the improper use of my incisors. I’ll ask them to take a look at it tomorrow, but as I’m a walk-in and I haven’t had a proper dental review of that tooth yet I don’t expect they’ll do anything about it at the time.


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