Game over. We win.

It seems Larry King’s official website has a non-scientific poll up asking folks which religion* they associate with:

I never knew Larry King was so popular with the atheist crowd. Found via Pharyngula.

*Yes, yes, I know atheism isn’t a religion. I didn’t write the stupid poll question.

5 thoughts on “Game over. We win.

  1. I suppose what makes a person an atheist is similar to what makes a person a fan of Larry King™

  2. I’ve been looking for a thread to post this.

    Get hold of a copy of “How Mumbo Jumbo conquered the World– Short History of Modern Delusions” By Francis Wheen.

    Everything from how Reagonomics didn’t work, to how all sorts of snake oil is being sold as fact, taking in the lies about management consultants, and how people think there is an apocalypse due at every celestial event.

    2% of USians believe they have been abducted by aliens- that’s 3.7 million- As one commentator pointed out, this should, if nothing else, signal a crisis for air-traffic control (this equals 20 a day for over 50 years).

    Go on. Buy it, or get it from a library. Better money than the latest FPS (“just the same with different enemies”)

  3. Read this NOW!

    There has been a mass movement away from Christianity and toward atheism in America for some time now. Regretfully however the religious wave called Christianity has been difficult to rise against–even when the myth of a God is well known. Renouncing religion has carried a severe social stigma. Until now!

    Technology, the information age and the Internet have brought many to comment via internet blogging and comment sections in a negative manner toward religion because they cannot easily be identified and thus society cannot be seriously against them. Now we learn the truth. America has more atheists than Christians because atheism is rational and reacts to truth, not ancient myths.

    Rational thinking has become foremost in this age of intelligence and that rational wave is sweeping America. As it does, it is allowing the quiet Christians, or those who seldom attended church but claimed to be Christians simply to avoid the negativity associated with atheism, to reveal that they too have seen that religion is most certainly a myth. Now they realize that they have the numbers necessary to more openly admit their atheist position. Quietly, in polls, for now, but soon openly and proudly as they defeat a dangerous, controlling myth.

    There have been great fears planted in children by a church that has taught parents to tell children of the fears and rewards this myth claims. When children are scared by the prospect of burning forever in a mythical place called hell if they do not have faith, they react accordingly. This is called coercive persuasion, or brainwashing, and it is highly effective but a cruel wrong we have been inflicting on American children for far too long!

    Finally, thanks to the internet, many have sounded off against the perpetuation of this horrible myth that has allowed the church to become the wealthiest entity in the world as it continues to control people. The high ranking elders as well as the TV evangelists hold great power over millions and impossible wealth. This is False power, and worse, they know it is false. They so it to have power and great wealth, but do they use that wealth to provide for the unfortunate masses, to assist the fight to cure cancer, or to feed starving children? Of course not. They want that wealth and are not about to share it. Many have known this but they are afraid to react. The church appears to be a beneficial entity, but the church harms as well. The rash of rapes by priests is just the little finger on a giant and powerful hand that must be stopped.

    If you doubt this, please check on the millions they report and never pay taxes on, the parking lot filled with luxury automobiles, the $200,000 parties they have in remote islands. Yes, religion is merely a myth and a tool a few use dishonestly to increase their social power and financial wealth. The Catholic church is the worst with financial holdings that are more than the world four largest corporations. They refuse to admit how wealthy they are.

    Now they can be opposed because the numbers of atheists in America are known, and we are legion! I have been running polls on a number of different websites for the last six years and the numbers of atheists has steadily increased to 71% in this Larry king Poll.

    Now we have the numbers and we have no need to fear the religious. We can openly admit we are atheists and that we realize that religion is nothing more than a bronze age myth that is well out of place in the age of technology. It is time to tell everyone of the evils the church has perpetrated. The worst of which is brainwashing the children to believe lies. Yes, the Catholic church does this, and they are extremely good at it.

    For those of you who are still unconvinced that religion and Gods are only mythical, the product of people, not Gods, from an age long gone, try this simple test and think about it carefully. . .

    Gods are superior beings. They know all and can do anything. They are all powerful, all knowing , and Gods do not err. They are Omnipotent. OK, now read the Bible. It’s a mess of contradiction, omission, error, and oversight. Most Christians have not read the entire Bible because it is such a difficult read. Now, you tell me, would an all powerful, all knowing God capable of receiving the thought transmissions of nearly nine billion people on earth and simultaneously evaluating and granting or denying wishes screw up a simple book THAT badly?” Read it. Take notes, or go to any one of the hundreds of internet atheist sites and see what they have found. The atheists do not lie. That have no need to. The church has done all the lying that is necessary. We simply display it.

    The bible is a mess. It could not be created by an all knowing God. If it was, we do not need any assistance from that bumbling idiot. Seriously, the bible, if you look at it to see it for what it is, was obviously written by people–and they were not very smart people either. They think the world is flat and the center of the universe. We know differently. We have become smarter than those people of the bronze age, and we need to stop believing in nonsense so that the church and the TV evangelists can become wealthier. . .

    If you read the bible and still think a god wrote it, you need to calm down and realize that you were brainwashed by the church when you were in your formative years–so they can continue to be the wealthiest entity on the planet and not have to give it out to help the poor or to cure cancer or feed the starving.

    They keep it for their own use, and it is high time we stopped them and took back the money that evil greedy church has been hoarding and put it to good use.

    America has finally seen religion for what it is, a greedy power trip by phonies.

    The time to reverse this is NOW!

  4. That’s quite the rant there, John, but I think you may be overestimating things just a tad.

    I posted this Larry King poll in jest. It, like pretty much all other Internet polls, don’t really tell us anything useful. About the most you might glean from it is that Larry King is popular among atheists, but even that’s questionable for the simple reason that the folks at Pharyngula like to crash stupid Internet polls like this one.

    Atheists, as a group, are at an all-time high in the United States, but to claim that we outnumber Christians is premature. It’s certainly not true that America has woken up to rational thought and recognizes religion for the nonsense that it is. One only has to pay attention to the media to see that’s not the case at all.

    Which is not to say that atheists shouldn’t be promotiing freethought and rationality, but your suggestion that we’re the majority is still a long way away.

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