Alberto Gonzales resigns from his position as Attonery General.

Man, you take a couple of days extra off to get some work done and you miss out on all the good news:

WASHINGTON (CNN)—President Bush on Monday said he reluctantly accepted the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose “good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.”

The irony of hearing President Bush complain about Gonzales’ name being dragged through the mud for political reasons when that’s pretty much been the M.O. of the Bush Administration and Karl Rove since Day 1 is too much to bear and I must go in the other room and scream until my throat is raw.

Be right back in a moment…

OK, now that I can’t talk I’d just like to say (in a hoarse whisper) to dear Mr. Gonzales, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. For his part he had the following to say:

Earlier in Washington, Gonzales announced his resignation, saying, “I have lived the American dream.”

Well, his version of the American dream at least. My version doesn’t involve rising to a high level of governmental power and then using that power to dismantle as much of the Constitution as I can manage before I have to quit. I’d be happy just to be well off enough that I can avoid working in an honest job and spend more time traveling, but that’s just me. The truly scary part about Gonzales is that he was Bush’s first pick for a Supreme Court nomination. Kinda grateful that one didn’t go through.

Though this news isn’t all good. We still have to put up with one more Bush appointee and if his track record is anything to go by then the next guy could be even more evil or, and it’s hard to say which would be worse, stunningly incompetent.

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  1. I heard rumors that they are looking to put Chertoff (or the Lord of the Undead as I call him) up for the replacement. Of course, if that doesn’t work, they can always call upon Harriet Myers again.  Apparently she is really, really, really qualified for a whole bunch of stuff she has no experience with.

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