After a lot of hacking, sawing, and tugging…

… I am now minus two of the more troublesome teeth in my mouth. It went pretty well overall, but now the Lidocane is wearing off and my mouth is starting to protest all the abuse it went through today. The folks at the University of Michigan Dental School did a good job as near as I can tell. It was definitely a lengthy experience, though. We arrived at 7:30AM and didn’t get out until 2:34PM. Anne was gracious enough to get up and go with me as I wasn’t sure what condition I’d be in by the end. Ironically I was in a better mood coming than when I arrived and I’m assuming it’s entirely due to the Lidocane.

I’ve got me a handful of Vicodin and have popped the first two pills yet it’s still not quite enough to stop the throbbing in my jaw and there’s still a little residual bleeding happening so I’ve still got gauze in my mouth. I’ll probably be OK to go to work tomorrow, but I’m not completely ruling out staying home if the pain keeps me from sleeping well. For the moment I’m sitting around and saying “ow” a lot.

10 thoughts on “After a lot of hacking, sawing, and tugging…

  1. Coming from the Mom of a 12.75 year old that just had all of her wisdom teeth taken out last Friday (some hardly below the roots of the tooth next to it) try taking some Iburprofen with the Vicoden. Vicoden is Acetaminophen based so there is no chance of over dosing on the Acetaminophen front and the Iburprofen acts as an anti-inflamitory.

    And with that unsolicited advice I hope you feel better. Don’t forget the ice packs!

  2. Ditto sepharo.  When I did Vicodin when I had surgery I had a shit ton of pain so I started taking more frequently, which the doctor recommended.  I just felt trippy but still had pain.  Damn drugs!  Give me weed any day for pain! wink

  3. Try some ice packs. If you don’t have ice then a bag of frozen veg works well, corn or peas are my favorites. ;>}

    Definitely stay home tomorrow if you are the least uncomfortable because once you get up and around it might get worse.

    take care!

  4. Rachel, you and my wife are on the same wavelength. She handed me some Ibuprofen a couple of hours ago and and ice pack. It definitely helped.

    Seph, I must be immune to Vicodin then as I still care about the pain. It would take a hell of a lot of Vicodin to get around my lack of appreciation for pain. grin

  5. Keep up with the motrin, Take it in large doses. Remember the Doctor hands out 800Mg pills like candy. I had alot of dental work done my first year in college. Vicodin and Perkaset didn’t work at all. But I kept poping motrin and I really didn’t hurt that much.

    I found out I was in pain because of the swelling. Which the motrin helped with. And if Motrin doesn’t work, I always found vodka a better mouth pain killer than anything.

  6. Some people, such as myself, can pop dozens of Tylenol/acetaminophen pills to no real effect. When I had my wisdoms removed the dentist had me taken 6 T3’s in just over an hour, because it just did nothing for the pain. Eventually, like Seph said, I was so stoned I just stopped caring about the pain.

    I do find that NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, tend to take away my pain in about 30 minutes, 10 if I take those Advil gel capsules.

  7. Aspirin 320mg X 2 every four to six hours also works. But it also acts as a blood thinner. You will be good as new in a couple of days. I hope you get to feeling better.

    And don’t forget about the tooth fiery. I don’t know what the going rate is today. Probably just coupons these days.

  8. My dentist actually prescribed me Vicoprofen when I got some teeth pulled.  Vicodin and ibuprofen all in one FTW!

    Though the pain wasn’t all that bad, so in total I only popped one of the wonder pills.

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