A busy month of birthdays.

Had a somewhat restful weekend. Saturday we didn’t have anything in particular to do so we spent it mostly puttering around the house and playing WoW. It was one of those let’s-not-think-about-much-unless-we-have-to days.

Sunday was a trip up to Waterford to hang out with family friend Bob for his birthday. We arrived early so we could watch 300 on DVD with him as the Jenkins clan missed it while it was in the theater. Then we had grilled burgers and brats and sat around chatting with friends for a couple of hours. Pretty low-key, but pleasant none the less.

Bob is doing me the honor of hosting my 40th birthday later this month on the 25th. We’re having a retro-gaming night at his place with a bunch of PCs set up with older multiplayer games such as Starcraft and Quake, but before that we have Courtney’s 17th birthday in just a few days on the 13th. This is in addition to a couple of other birthdays during the month.

Work-wise I’m making a move to a work sight closer to home today. My drive time should shorten from 58 minutes to at most 20 minutes so that will be a welcome change. No idea how long I’ll be at this new sight, but hopefully it’ll be busier than where I was. Sitting around waiting for something to do just makes the day drag on endlessly.

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