Uncle Gene’s memorial service is today.

We’ll be attending my uncle’s memorial service today. Not sure what that entails, but it’s not supposed to be a full blown funeral service as that’s not what he wanted. It’s taking place at a church in the town he lived in and will probably consist mostly of family members getting up to speak about him. I know that my mother has been mulling over what to say for the past couple of days and I’m pretty sure my sister will speak if she’s able to attend.

As for me I mentioned previously that I wasn’t all that close with my uncle, but I tried to see if there was anything I could come up with that would seem appropriate at the service. So far I’ve not come up with anything particularly interesting or insightful so I’ll probably leave the talking to everyone else. Hopefully the clergy will keep the proselytizing to a minimum, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part. We’ll find out in a couple of hours from now.

3 thoughts on “Uncle Gene’s memorial service is today.

  1. I would go with the Rich Tillman approach.
    “Thanks Pat. [toasting him with a glass of Guiness beer] I didn’t write shit because I’m not a writer. I’m not just going to sit here and break down on you. But thanks for coming. Pat’s a fucking champion and always will be. Just make no mistake, he’d want me to say this: He’s not with God. He’s fucking dead. He’s not religious. So, thanks for your thoughts, but he’s fucking dead.”
    More or less, thanks for your thoughts, but this is not what he wanted.

  2. It went OK. As is the custom at funerals anymore, the clergy made sure to try and take advantage of people in a vulnerable state of mind with a little proselytizing, but she at least recognized that it was annoying and kept it somewhat short compared to other funerals I’ve been to.

    A few family members got up and share their thoughts on Gene. A couple of them got a little long and rambling, but given the circumstances most folks didn’t seem to mind. The best one was probably the one my sister gave as she managed to swear at least three times while standing in the middle of a church. The clergy didn’t seem too thrilled with that, but I was laughing my ass off.

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