The 2007 Blogathon is underway.

Just a reminder that Blogathon 2007 is underway and although I’m not participating this year I am checking in with some of the folks who are throughout the day to offer encouragement where I can. I’ve done the 24 hour charity mambo a couple times before so I’ve got some experience with just how much of a challenge it can be. Nothing helps to keep up the morale like a comment from folks dropping by so if any of your favorite blogs are participating be sure to leave a comment or two throughout the day even if you don’t normally leave comments. It always helps to know someone out there is paying attention. Also if you have a couple of bucks to spare consider making a pledge at your favorite blogs. That’s the reason they’re involved in this weird activity to begin with.

You can start with ***Dave Does the Blog and (Parenthetically Speaking), both SEB regulars who are participating this year. I’ve not made it through my entire blogroll yet to see if anyone else I know is participating, but if you are an SEB regular and are joining in on the fun then please leave a comment on this thread saying so with a link to your blog. I’m more than happy to toss some traffic your way if I can.

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