Tammy Faye Messner succumbs to cancer.

So many things I had intended to blog about over the weekend before the power decided to take a two day vacation and this bit of news was one of them.

It took a couple of years, but Tammy Faye has lost her battle against cancer:

(CNN)—Tammy Faye Messner, the former televangelist and Christian singer who battled drug addiction and later inoperable cancer, died Friday morning, CNN’s Larry King said Saturday night. He said the family had asked him to make the delayed announcement.

She was 65.

Messner was a guest on “Larry King Live” on Thursday. She told him she couldn’t swallow food, and weighed only 65 pounds.

I caught that CNN interview by chance while at work as The Automotive Company™ has a number of televisions scattered around the various lunch areas and break rooms in their buildings that periodically switch to CNN over the lunch hours. When I first looked up I thought I was seeing a promo for a new zombie movie or something because I would’ve sworn the skeletal figured smiling at me from the TV had to be a product of some Hollywood special effects shop, but no. It was Tammy Faye:

Click to embiggen. If you dare.

Tammy holds a unique spot in my heart because an entry I wrote about her getting cancer was one of the first ones to earn me a rebuke from more than one of my regular readers. My entry was mean-spirited because I had no real sympathy for the woman considering all the damage I felt she’d done over the years to so many other people.

When I saw her on Larry King the other day I have to admit that I finally felt a pang or two of sympathy for her. As you can see she looked absolutely terrible and I gotta give her credit for sitting there and doing her best to have a positive attitude given the state she was in. I still can’t say that I’m sorry to see her leave this world behind, but I can say that I do have a little sympathy for her after all. I’ve watched a number of people grow sick with cancer and I have a good idea of what she probably went through. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Not even Tammy Faye.

9 thoughts on “Tammy Faye Messner succumbs to cancer.

  1. Click to embiggen. If you dare.


    Seriously though
    Her handling of the situation is an indication of her personality at that point, but affected by burdens as it is with anyone. Once someone knows suffering they are less likely to spread it (or at least more aware of it), and that I think is in part why Les feels sympathy.

    I don’t know enough about the woman; good intentioned all along or someone who atoned a little too late to use their remaining life to change anything? What lives on? (her effect on those still alive)

  2. And I will be honest and say I do wish pain and suffering on those who inflict it on others without appearing to know the effect they’re having, as a way of educating them. If they want to spread suffering for benevolent reasons (to minimise long-term suffering) like aiming to strengthen people or showing their shortcomings, then I will permit that as long as they know what they’re doing and I’d try to make it meen something to the recipient, and help after. I care for all but I am cold hearted, because I need to be for what I want to do and to maintain my sanity in a world like this.
    (I wish physical suffering too if it’ll do the job but mental is more efficient, more to the point and less hindering)

  3. Loved her on Surreal Life! Her and Ron Jeremy must the greatest pairing in reality TV history.

  4. Over on UTI, Hank Fox has a rather uncomplimentary perspective on her. 

    Think of all the people they promised healing… all the false hope.  No, I don’t wish cancer on anyone, but I hope it makes the other god-shouters think.  You wanna talk about spiritual enlightenment, about love and community and support and forgiveness, fine, but don’t make promises of healing to dying people.  It’s just wrong.

  5. dof- Is false hope wrong though in cases where it never gets dispelled? If it makes their remaining life less fearful…
    It is sad to see someone grasping at hope nethertheless, refusing to accept…

  6. I don’t know; there may be cases where false hope is better (when dispensed with an eyedropper).  Tammy and her cheatin’ guy were dishing it out with a snowplough.

  7. And by nature of being public false hope it doesn’t have the surgical accuracy of a one-to-one, making it less appropriate for some people. In some ways though people only extract ideas or information that would be useful to them, it’s like needing to read a book more than once to notice what you didn’t before – I think generally what the person knows beforehand governs what they extract from a big lump of ideas, given the determination to look

    But people extract wrong ideas too, because they havn’t yet dealt with them and so need to think on them to broaden what information they have to draw on next time round – a lot of people here used to be xians because they didn’t know better, but knowing more about it changes how they interpret xianism on the second analysis and what thought they get from dwelling on their ideas next time round. People need (and are determined) to fall into psychological traps and make mistakes at some point, because otherwise it would happen eventually anyway.

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