Sony’s PS3 sales: What a difference $100 makes.

I wouldn’t have thought it’d be that big a deal, but apparently dropping the PS3’s price by $100 helped moved a few units at

That’s a jump in sales of 2500% in case you’re having trouble making out the text in the image. Seems a lot of folks were waiting for the price to come down before plunking down their cash. Sony should be happy about that. The question is, how long will it last? Today’s list of movers and shakers at Amazon doesn’t even list the PS3. That could be because sales are continuing at the same pace as yesterday or because they’ve fallen flat again.

Via PS3 Fanboy

3 thoughts on “Sony’s PS3 sales: What a difference $100 makes.

  1. haha my parents are a bit angry xD they bought it for the highest price.

  2. I would love to have two or three myself. Not to play games, but you can’t beat that price for a home server chain.

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