SEB forums are going offline.

We don’t really use the forums much these days, never really have actually, so I’m going to uninstall the module as my license for upgrades on it has run out and the latest build release for ExpressionEngine seriously recommends that we update the forum module as well if we’re using it. I can’t see renewing the license when it’s not really used so I’ll just yank it for now. If in the future there’s a desire to see it return then I’ll update the license and get it running again.

11 thoughts on “SEB forums are going offline.

  1. Out of curiosity, do you still have a copy of the original forum (twice removed, IIRC)—the one that actually had a couple hundred posts?

  2. If it helps -seems to acknowledge a submitted comment quicker if I refresh a tab

  3. Elwed, I don’t think so. Comment speed here has been pretty quick. Just posted one that took almost no time at all.

  4. Of course then the last comment I post takes a few minutes.

    It appears to be going straight into the database, but updating the page is taking a bit of time. I’ll look into it, but it’s more of an annoyance than anything else at the moment.

  5. I haven’t used the forum in some time, anyway. I have noticed the scroll sometimes backs up (in SEB).

  6. By the way, I do have the forums running, for no other reason than that I have a license. Once in a while, I’m thinking about moving the comments into the forums, but that would mean that anonymous posters can’t comment anymore…

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