PS3’s SIXAXIS controllers getting ready to rumble!

I was one of the folks who felt disappointed when it was revealed that the PS3’s controllers were trading in the force feedback rumble I’ve grown accustomed to on my PS2 for a gimmicky attempt to one-up Nintendo with a tilt sensor. The loss of rumble was a direct result of the court case patent holder Immersion won against Sony awhile back, even if Sony won’t admit that’s the reason why, but now it looks like the two companies have kissed and made up:

Sony reportedly informed Kotaku that rumble is definitely coming to PS3, it’s just a matter of when, and this latest press release from Immersion certainly raises the possibility that it could be in September.

“Under the terms of the license, these products will now bear Immersion’s Feel The Game TouchSense Technology logo,” reads the press release from which the news emanated.

Ahhhh. I feel better now. By the time I get around to buying one there should be plenty of rumble using games out there too.

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