PS3’s price cut really isn’t. Actually a clearance sale.

One of the biggest news items to come out of E3 was Sony’s announcement that they were dropping the price of the PS3 by $100, but it didn’t take long before comments from Sony leaders brought confusion over whether the price drop was real. I’d already announced how it wasn’t so much a price drop as it was a shifting of models as Sony also announced that they’d be bringing over the 80GB model of the PS3 at the standard $599 price point.

Well, as it turns out, Sony has ceased production of the 60GB model and once they sell out of them the price effectively goes back up:

That’s what it is. We’ll be right back to the price we started with in a few months, only with some “added value” thrown in (with a little something taken away). Is going back to the old price worth it to consumers for an extra 20GB and Motorstorm? Is that what Sony executives really think is going to move units at the magical $599 price? Of course, there is also the possibility that once the 60GB units sell out, the 80GB model will drop down to that price after Sony squeezes a little bit more cash out of having a premium model. If the 80GB takes the place of the 60GB the moment stock runs out, there will still be a PS3 model at the new $499 price.

Sony seems intent on shooting themselves in their collective foot anyway they can with the PS3. There are a lot of folks just waiting for the PS3 to drop to a price they can afford so they can snap one of them up, I’m one of those people, but Sony seems content to keep it at the current price even as it’s driving developers to other platforms in greater numbers. They seem to think that having a better mousetrap is all it takes to get people to buy it, but time and time again reality has shown us that the better mousetrap doesn’t always win.

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  1. You know, I don’t really understand all the outrage on the gaming blogs about this news. I mean…if you want a PS3, right now…it’s $100 less. What Sony will or won’t do between now and Christmas with the price of their basically identical upcoming 80GB model is still pretty much unknown.

    What Joystiq (bullshit blog site IMO with nothing better to do than stir up crap among their fanboy base) thinks is one thing. Same for Destructoid. Far too many haters over there. My guess is that they’ll probably drop the 80GB price too at some point in the near future. Then they get all the good press again. By leaving it an unknown, it leaves them room to respond to a Microsoft price cut.

    I already have one and I love it, so…I honestly don’t care. I just don’t understand the furor is all. Personally, I’m saving up for the crapload of awesome games coming out this fall and early ‘08.

    Also Les, I don’t think your comment about Sony driving developers away to other platforms is true. Seems like more Joystiq BS that built up over summer – during the great dry spell of ‘07. Rather, I think the trend, at least for console specific games, is for resources to be directed at PS3 development because companies know PS3 owners won’t buy shitty ports on account of their high expectations for the platform. Sony made a big deal out of the Unreal Tournament timed exclusive at E3, for example. They also got a lot of praise for the cool titles they have coming for the PlayStation Network. I’ve been abusing Calling All Cars all summer, so I’m really hoping some of these other downloadable games live up to the hype. Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but I was surprised how many companies were showing only the PS3 builds of their multiplatform games at E3 (according to the blogs I read anyway). Regardless, the trend is for multiplatform releases, that’s unavoidable. Me, I got the PS3 for first party exclusive stuff mostly, and PS2 backwards compatibility, so I don’t really care.

    I get the sense that Microsoft may have really screwed up with a few aspects of the XBOX360: quality control for one and innovation for another. Yeah, Halo3 will be big, but Sony, IMO, has established itself as more of a risk taker on creative games. They want new titles with new names and stories for this generation. And let’s face it, with a $599 pricetag (or whatever), PS3 owners are probably the sort of people who can afford to buy a few more games they didn’t plan on buying in the first place. (ie non-shooters.)

    Joystiq has their heads up their asses most of the time with the love they give Microsoft…and the silly Sony criticisms that don’t seem to go both ways. And they (Joystiq) have made a lot of money off the fact that, until now, most console gamers have been XBOX360 players who want to justify their purchase in online flamewars. But in the end, PS3 is a better piece of hardware with far more interesting games on the way. This month confirmed that.

    For those reasons, I personally don’t mind paying more, especially if the system lasts longer, takes up less clutter (no extra peripherals to attach), makes less noise and has free online…See you on Home when you get your PS3! …and I really hope you do find yourself in a position where you can soon, either through a price cut, or hopefully otherwise in a great job. Still loving the SEB, Ryan.

  2. I’ve been abusing Calling All Cars all summer

    …and by “abusing”, I mean “thoroughly enjoying”. wink

  3. I bought a PS1 on launch day (9/9/95).  Then I bought a PS2 on launch day.  This time, it took a month before I managed to get my hands on a PS3, but I did get it before New Years.

    But I’ve also got a 360, and not only do I play it LOTS more than the PS3, but most of the upcoming games that I’m looking forward to are either 360 exclusive or cross-platform.  Honestly, I think the 360 has more compelling content this time around, at least for now.  Of course, even if Sony loses half of their marketshare they’ll still have a third of the global market.

    The PS3 is a brilliant Blu-Ray player, so mine still gets lots of use regardless.

    And yeah, Calling All Cars is great.  Ditto for Super Stardust HD.

  4. I’ll get my hands on a PS3 eventually, there’s just too many other things I need to spend the money on first. I’ve considered a 360, but the games I’m most interested in have come out for the PC and that trend is continuing as Gears of War is headed to the PC. With a decent gaming PC I’ve got no real reason to buy a 360.

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