NBC’s version of “The IT Crowd” will have the U.K. actor who played Moss.

I’ve related what a big fan I am of the British sitcom known as The IT Crowd and my concerns with the fact that NBC has licensed the show for an American version of it. In particular I stated that I flat out could not fathom who they could conceivably get to play the role of Moss that had any hope of equaling the comedic genius that is his portrayal by Richard Ayoade in the original series.

Well it appears that NBC felt the same way I did as they brought Richard over to reprise his role. Looking at the official NBC webpage for the show brought the pleasant surprise to light. As for the role of Roy, the show’s producers settled on Joel McHale whom I’ve never seen outside of The Soup and as such have no idea how well he might play a true techno geek. The other two primary characters, Jen and Denholm, are being played by people I don’t even recognize so they’re completely up in the air.

Still, it gives me a small bit of optimism to see Richard in the cast. The official website even has a short video interview with him.

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