NAACP GOP Presidential Candidate Forum

Republicans can’t find the courage to face the NAACP, then they’ll never be able to face and defeat Al Qaeda.

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7 thoughts on “NAACP GOP Presidential Candidate Forum

  1. *shrug*  Cost benefit analysis perhaps.  In the past twenty years the Republicans have topped out at what, twelve percent of the black vote?  Reckon it is considerably lower among those active in/paying attention to NAACP affairs.  Toss in the conventional wisdom of primaries being predominantly an appeal to your party’s traditional base, and the lack of attendance is not too surprising.

    Not surprising either is the NAACP proceeding with a debate consisting of one obscure participant on a glizty full size stage with empty podiums.  Does anyone believe they were actually expecting the R array to show?  They kept those podiums up and ready to go until the last moment expecting the RSVPs were lost in the mail?  Imageering.

    On a related note, I stayed at a hotel with many of the attendees for their convention.  Boy, can they sit around with beers in their hands and yammer.  Of course so did the cops who had their convention next.  Then the NOW ladies.  Then whatever that crop of businessmen who came in the last night.  *sheesh*  Crap beer, inane converation and more pinned on labels than should be legal.  I no wanna ever get forced into attending a convention.

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