My Uncle Gene has passed away.

I mentioned in an entry back in April that my Uncle Gene was dieing and last night at around 10PM he closed his eyes for the last time. My mother called shortly after that to let us know the news and she was, as she often is in the face of issues like this, stoically matter-of-fact about it. The phone call was brief and I had time to ask her how she was doing and she replied with a simple, “I’m fine.” For the moment I have no doubts that she is.

When my best friend, Bill Owen, was killed I was surprised at how I handled it at times. For the most part I was very matter-of-fact about the whole situation and I didn’t really break down until the end of his funeral when I was the last to leave the room. Up until that point I was too busy consoling everyone else around me to allow my own feelings to take hold. I think I get that from my mother and so I think I recognize what she’s going through herself right now. She’s not grieving at the moment, just acknowledging the event and doing what needs to be done.

As I said previously, I didn’t know my uncle well enough to be upset at the news of his impending death, but I feel for my mother who has buried the two of her three younger brothers so far. All I can do is offer her an ear when she feels like talking.

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  1. Sorry to hear it, Les and Momma.  Grief does have a private and a public dimension.  In large part, I suppose, because our culture turns away from expressions of grief which often results in loneliness for the grieving person.  (and the one turning away?.  We all know this is coming…)

  2. Sorry about the loss Les.

    Is there a benefit to this ?

    He no longer suffers, which was taking up a considerable amount of his mental and physical resources. It was his time to let go.

  3. Oh absolutely, Paul. We’re quite happy that he’s not suffering and I think it’s safe to say he had a decent enough life. My mother seems to be more aware of those facts than most folks. Grief is just a natural part of the process of moving on. It’s nothing we avoid nor do we dwell on it. We take the time needed and reflect on a life at its end.

  4. He wouldn’t want people to be upset, but do as you need to because bottling it up might increase the pain
    Deal with it in your own time, as and when you’re ready

  5. I’ve been here most of the day today and she is doing well.  As she said she had her cry this morning and she will probably have a couple more before she is done.  Uncle Gene was a bullshitter and a funny guy.  He was the uncle I was closest to.  He helped pay for my prom dress and came to my wedding just days after open heart surgery. I’m going to remember him as the uncle who could lift me above his head so my head touch the ceiling. And would say I love you too when I hung up the phone.

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