Maybe Lindsay Lohan’s problem is the advice she’s getting.

So for the past few days I’ve had more than a little downtime at work which is why you’ve actually seen some entries posted by me during the day. I’ve had the same three tickets for the past three days and all three of them require someone else to do something first that hasn’t happened as of yet. Needless to say that makes for a rather boring day and results in me not only catching up on my blogrolls, but delving into news items I wouldn’t normally bother with.

News items such as this one on Lindsay Lohan and her return to rehab. It contains a bit of advice for Lohan which, if she regularly gets advice like this, probably goes a long way to explaining why she’s having so much trouble. See if you can spot the fatal flaw:

That behavior won’t cut it anymore and neither will spa-style clinics, said Barry Gerald Sands, a Century City defense attorney who’s also a certified drug and alcohol counselor.

“Whatever you have done in the past, do a 360-degree turn and go the other way,” Sands said Wednesday. “She has to change her alleged friends, people sharing or selling her drugs. She has to lead a clean and sober life.

Well, he IS a lawyer after all.

8 thoughts on “Maybe Lindsay Lohan’s problem is the advice she’s getting.

  1. That’s up there with Bill Bryson bemoaning the dumbing down of the USA

    “…12 inches of snow that’s about a foot”
    No, it IS a foot…

  2. I don’t recognize the Bryson quote, then again I have only read two of his books. I was just wondering if it is a slag against Bryson himself or one against the education system of the US?

  3. I think its in “Notes from a Big Country (UK) / I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away (US) (1998) (columns about moving back to the USA) ” (I’m assuming the second one is the US title)  If the 2nd one is the same book then its ironic on the subtitle- he was complaining on how Columbards (I’d like to thank Stephen Fry for that one) need everything explaining to them.

  4. I came up with an equation for people like her. X+T*S=L (X-money plus T-outside influence times S-stupid= L-great news to distract the masses from real problems in the world). confused
    It really says something about the modern world when the likes of her are more important than say Dawkins, or Hawking.

  5. I figure she’s jealous of Paris’ million dollar story in People for her 2 week stint.  I don’t even turn on CNN anymore since they started the powerslut watch. 

    Well, I turned it on for the first time in several months this week, since I knew they were going to run the video from the Dallas explosion into the ground.

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