I’ve, once again, turned off Trackbacks.

The couple of spam prevention modules I put in months back were doing a pretty good job of filtering out 99% of the spam trackbacks we would normally receive, but you’d be surprised just how many spams 1% can be. Then when I considered the fact that the only legitimate blog that actually trackbacks to SEB these days is ***Dave’s blog and I read that every day anyway there didn’t seem to be a huge point in continuing to accept trackbacks.

As it was I never got around to adding them back into the templates properly anyway. So they’re gone again. Kaput. Dead. Buried. I doubt I’ll bother bringing them back again unless something changes big time.

2 thoughts on “I’ve, once again, turned off Trackbacks.

  1. Mutter mutter mutter rat-bastard spammers mutter rusty pitchfork mutter mutter …

    I actually get like one spam trackback every couple of months getting through the filters in MT (cough), but I’m also not a High Profile Prodigiously Popular site like you. grin

    (Actually, MT blocks dozens of spam trackbacks a day, though it does chew up CPU cycles to do so, and I have to rename the script every couple of weeks.)

    Anyhoo … sorry to hear it, but I *definitely* understand.

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