It’s E3 week and Microsoft gets an early start.

It’s that time of year again so expect more than the usual video game entries around here. E3 is about to kick off and Microsoft is holding their keynote address tonight at 8:30PM. You can watch it live from the official Xbox website or at Gamespot as well as a couple of other places around the net.

Even though I don’t have an Xbox I’ll be tuning in just the same to see if there’s going to be a good reason to plan on getting one sometime in the future. And because I’m a video game geek who has to know what’s going on regardless of whether I actually on the system in question.

4 thoughts on “It’s E3 week and Microsoft gets an early start.

  1. If Microsoft drops it’ll be a death knell for Sony and a huge blow to Nintendo who despite being the forerunner is currently experiencing a game drought.

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