It’s 2 A.M. and I’ve finished the last Harry Potter book.

It was excellent, but then I expected as much.

Now for some much needed sleep.

9 thoughts on “It’s 2 A.M. and I’ve finished the last Harry Potter book.

  1. Congratulations!  I finished it 11:45pm on Saturday.  Looking forward to discussing it with you.

  2. I admit I’m not a particularly speedy reader and I don’t tend to devote large chunks of time to reading.

    It’s a testament to J.K. Rowling that I got done with it as quickly as I did as any other novel of that size would taken me a month or more to get through. I can go, quite literally, weeks between bouts of reading a book and can recall quite clearly where I left off when I pick it back up.

  3. I read it in about 4 hours….but at that speed I think it will probably gain something from a re-read in the near future.

  4. Very good read, but most likely the single most violent children’s book I’ve read in some time.

  5. I’ve seen all the movies so far, but having heard there were only plans for seven books I decided to wait until they were all out before I started any of them.  Guess it’s time to hit the bookstore.

    (and yes, I know there might be another book in the unspecified future)

  6. I’ve seen most of the films, but they haven’t done much for me and I’m happy to report that I have little, if any, desire to ever read the books. I swear by Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, and I suspect that those books are much more to my liking anyway.

  7. Woot on finishing Les, and one of my friends theories is that the books are written to the age level of the main characters, so that level of violence for 17 year olds is not too much of a stretch.

  8. I saw your comment about that on your blog and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

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