Gonna be a long day.

Was up until Midnight last night getting Anne’s PC back into shape and then I couldn’t manage to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. I must have woken up close to two dozen times and boy am I ever feeling it this morning. It’s been warm and muggy here in Michigan the last day or so and that always makes trying to sleep in a house without air conditioning much more of a challenge. It was supposed to thunderstorm during most of the night, but it appears most of the storms passed south of us so there wasn’t much to cool things off.

I suppose I’m gonna have to double up on the coffee today.

5 thoughts on “Gonna be a long day.

  1. Is the A/C broke ? or you just don’t have it ?
    I am afraid you are in for some more hot weather during August my friend.

    I remember like it was yesterday….We were in Las Vegas during mid-June of last year. ( In the Truck of course ) and the A/C went out. It was SOOO HOT. The Truck was 10 years old. I sold it in July and bought a new one.

    Heat can actually drive a person Mad. Mad I tell you. Mahawawaw

  2. Here we have a problem – it gets warm and stuffy at night, but if you open a window moths come in and fly into/walk over you as you try to sleep, i’m afraid of having my mouth open in such circumstance

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