Dr. Toothy bends me over a table.

Contacted the oral surgeon that my dentist recommended about having my bad molar and the accompanying wisdom tooth removed. Using only a local instead of sedation (which will make it such a fun experience) I’m looking at an out-of-pocket cost of $650 or so. They won’t do a monthly payment option either. Instead they pointed me to the same credit card in disguise that my dentist’s office mentioned. Of course this is coming on the paycheck that’s only half what it normally is because of the unwanted forced vacation I had to take at the start of the month.

Pardon me for a moment while I go off and grumble to myself for a bit…

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  1. Bummer.

    If you have to go the route of a credit card in disguise, you may as well shop for other financing options. I know there are other loan sharks that specialize in medical expenses and you might get a better deal elsewhere.

  2. If it’s the same CC in disguise that I had to use, it’s interest free for one year – BUT stray one day or payment later than that and it’s >20% retroactive to the first use.  AND you have to make a minimum payment that’s not very minimal.  Racking up $6000 in dental bills but having insurance and a medical savings account, I intend to pay it off by month 11.

    6 crowns, two filling extractions/refills and minus my wisdom teeth (local plus nitrous), yeah it was pure fun.  Well, at least the nitrous was.

  3. The cash out of pocket sucks, I’m sorry to hear about that.  But as for the experience of getting your teeth yanked under only a local, I didn’t think it was too terrible myself.  YMMV, though, depending on how squeamish you are.  I had my wisdom teeth pulled while under novocain or whatever, and it wasn’t bad, just really weird.  Ok, you know that crackly sound that a stick or piece of wood makes when you’re bending it, right before it snaps?  That’s the sound you’ll hear when your teeth are getting pulled out smile

    Good luck!

  4. Did you check out your local dental school?


    Ours here is great. Inexpensive WITH payment plans.

    I agree with the above, all my wisdom teeth and a couple of other extractions were all done under local. I didn’t think it was too bad.

  5. I’ve already had the top two wisdom teeth removed years ago with just a local anesthetic as well as a root canal so I’m sure it won’t be a problem. Just another one of those things that you’d rather be asleep for.

    Hadn’t checked into local dental schools, but I have a week before the appointment so I think I’ll take a look see. Thanks QM.

  6. I feel your pain…

    About 8 years ago I had all my teeth removed under a local. No they were not that bad. But the occasional dentist visit was $ 2 – 3 – or even $400.00 and sometimes more. Since I stay out on the road ( most of the time ) I could not keep appointments. Living with Dental pain is a bitch…So I found a Dentist that would pull my teeth. $35.00 per tooth. It totally sucked..

    But I noticed something !!!

    My Stool for about 3 to 4 days was like an awful stench. My urinary system was also very discolored.

    And you may ask yourself ” WTF ” ?

    It was the poison leaving my body. Teeth and the surrounding tissues are very nasty. Full of all manner of bacteria that contaminates our total physical health. It’s complete total bullshit for a Dentist to tell you to hold on to your teeth. As usual, medicine is about the buck. A person that wears dentures is a person that is completely totally through with funding a Dentist. And they know that better than anybody.

    I wear a full set of dentures. It took about 3 months to get use to them. But 7 years without setting in( The Chair ) Yeah !!! It’s about that fucking chair man !!! And their attitudes about total physical hygiene and wellness of the human body, somehow becomes about how they can keep ripping you off.

    I eat anything I want. Corn on the Cob, Apples, and my mouth is clean ( No bad breath ever !!! ) And I don’t use that ( Polident ) shit to keep them in, they fit like gloves and feel GREAT.

    I do have one regret. I wish I had done this when I was 18 years old, and had the money that I pissed off on dentist. About $15,000. Not to mention the improved overall physical health. I did opt for the Best Dentures. ( $600.00 ) And they look completely natural ( Beautiful perfect straight teeth )..No one would ever guess I wear dentures. I would not trade them for a million dollars :($)

    Here is what I would do different, Pull 3 or 4 at a time per month or every couple of weeks. One on each side starting from the back, ( Top and Bottom ) Having them all yanked out at once was a little much. But even having them all pulled at once, I was still eating within 4 hours.

  7. SAP ? Standard Application Program…Uh what?

    All I am saying is that (teeth in humans) is not always conducive to good health.

    My overall health improved within weeks and months upon the removal of my teeth. They were contaminating my body. The poison was released into the blood stream. Found it’s way to the liver, intestinal and urinary systems. Flushed out, and then I flushed…

  8. Not to advertise, but if that credit card lookalike is CareCredit, it’s not all that bad. I have one, and they’re very good to their customers. YMMV, though. If you don’t you might take a look into it. I know your situation too well, and being able to at least pay on a dentist’s bill has got to be better than walking around with pain.

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