“Dr.” Kent Hovind gets his own music video.

And it’s great! If you’re at work you may want to turn the sound down a bit as the chorus contains the word “fucktard” which means it fits right in here on SEB. So without further ado here is Tribute to Kent Hovind:

Good stuff. I wonder if we can talk them into doing up the The Ballad Of The Stupid Evil Bastard.

Found via Pharyngula.

10 thoughts on ““Dr.” Kent Hovind gets his own music video.

  1. awesome message, crappy music… so i don’t know exactly how to react?

    i still hope there would be more music (and other forms of art) ridiculing religious idiocy and other irrational stuff.

  2. “Rape Kent for Free Day”?
    Oh, where can I sign up to be a mocker? That’s the kind of fun-lovin’ attitude that this world needs more of. If I become an atheist, can I celebrate such indecent hatred too? I’ve been shackled by a sense of respect for my fellow man for so long. Perhaps I should just throw in the towel and go rape someone whose beliefs disagree with mine. This vid revels in the kind of intolerance that true believers are accused of. Please, somebody go find me a video where Christians advocate raping the non-believers.

  3. “Rape Kent for Free Day”?

    That does seem harsh, doesn’t it?  The song would have been much better without it.

    Now, can we do something about the lurid descriptions of eternal torment at the hands of sadistic demons that supposedly await us unbelievers?

  4. This video, along with accounts by countless others, have been suspended due to bogus ‘copyright infringement’ claims made by creation “science” evangelist propaganda bastards. Please stop by youtube to add your voice! thanks, peace

  5. Why do you guys hate Hovind so much, or do you guys hate everybody who is outside your intimate “cirlce” you guys created, why’s the leader by the way? Becuase it sure looks like a lot of followers- one comment after anohter. Does this really make you guys happier?

  6. k,

    Think about it not so much as hating him, but rather just laughing at his ass-hattery.

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