Actually, it’s a bit of an improvement.

Waking up this morning I found the following email in my inbox:

Well….. Being ugly just settles down in the gutt right?

No idea who it’s from nor what exactly the message itself is supposed to mean, but it appears it was also mailed to at least a few SEB regulars as two of you forwarded the message to me. I suspect it’s probably the work of the idiot who calls himself Jimmy Kanada whom I banned from SEB some time ago for being a dumb ass as he’s done similar stuff before, but it may just be a prank as well.

I just wanted to let folks know that if you get said email that, yes, I already know about it. I actually laughed when I first saw it and it brought back memories of being in grade school. Ah, the simplicity of letting a girl know you liked her by smacking her on the arm and running away.

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