A Fourth of July message from Momma.

I was going to write an entry about the holiday today, but my mother wrote one that I can’t begin to improve upon. Go check it out.

4 thoughts on “A Fourth of July message from Momma.

  1. I came over to Tassie for my second brother’s 50th on the 4th of July.
    When we got home after steak followed by chocolate cake he cracked a half bottle of 1977 Port.
    Damn! it was nice.

    Is it my imagination or is the 4th of July the only time in USian Kultcha that y’all say Day number/Month like many others on the planet rather than Month/ Day number?
    Just asking.

  2. No, LJ, Americans also say “the Ides of March”, “the Fools of April” and “23/2/09” (Darwin and Lincoln’s birthday). LOL

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