Yeah, like this is a big fucking surprise.

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

I’m actually surprised we didn’t end up with an NC-17, but it doesn’t appear that they go that high in the ratings.

And, yes, I do realize it’s a cheap way for a dating website to attract more hits and thusly Google page rank, but I felt like obliging them anyway. Besides I was just doing like the other cool kids who are waaaay too squeaky clean if you ask me. I even stole his title, sorta.

8 thoughts on “Yeah, like this is a big fucking surprise.

  1. Squeaky clean, that’s me.

    Hey, my sainted Catholic mum reads my blog.  Besides, my daughter will be reading it some day.  And I’d rather she pick up my heretical theology and radical politics than my foul language.  Not that that seems to restrain me when I’m driving and she’s a passenger.

  2. Mine got an NC-17.  Strangely enough, that rating was based on words that I am absolutely sure are not in my blog, or in the comments.

  3. How the fuck did I get a “G” rating.  I guess they caught me at a time when I haven’t used many curse words.

  4. This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

      * hell (5x)
      * pussy (4x)
      * fucking (3x)
      * kill (2x)
      * bastards (1x)
    They don’t look to deep do they.

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