ThinkGeek is selling an LED Art Fan.

I have sooooo got to get me one of these!

If you’re the type that likes to call attention to yourself, and happen to need to lower the apparent room temperature at the same time, we can think of no better way than with this LED fan. With 42 LEDs mounted on the blades, the LED Art Fan spins and flickers at a brazillian* RPM to create beautiful persistence of vision images. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make sure you behold the video below.

Unbelievable bright images 5 megs of memory holds up to 128 individual frames. You can animate, spin, slide, flash and dissolve to your heart’s delight. All the while, enjoying the cool breeze from a chromed-up art-deco desktop fan.

Show off your m4d 4rT 5k1Llz using the included software. Import animated GIF files, or draw your own frames. If you’ve got a logo you want to display, have at it!

Of course the damned thing costs $390 so I won’t be getting one until after I win the lotto or get a much better job, but a man can dream…

7 thoughts on “ThinkGeek is selling an LED Art Fan.

  1. That’s pretty effin cool.  I think I might pay up to $200 for that, but I can’t say I want it $390 bad.

  2. Show off your m4d 4rT 5k1Llz

    And lack of spelling.  Bazillion, not brazillian.

    $390 sounds like the maker’s doing them by hand. 

    Definitely a cool idea, though.  Program in a pic of dung for the next time the “shit hits the fan”.

  3. The “Brazillion” joke is new to me.  I was kinda wondering if I was missing some Brazil joke.

    Can you misspell a made up word?

    I’d figured they were shooting for bazillion, which by now isn’t really made up.  That, or it’s a perfectly cromulent word.

  4. That’s a clever thing. It shouldn’t be too hard to make a LED-fan with a VGA connector for video input. I wish I had more spare time, I’d build one.

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