SEB members can now edit their comments after submission.

ExpressionEngine coder extraordinaire Paul Burdick has answered some long standing feature requests with a nifty new plugin that allows members to edit their comments after they’ve already submitted them. This plugin is called, oddly enough, Edit Comments and it does its magic using AJAX to keep things simple.

I’ve already added it to the templates here with a time limit of 60 minutes to make your changes in. This is to allow you to correct your “oh shit” mistakes that you noticed after hitting the submit button, but I don’t want comments to be editable forever. Right now the comment box it puts up is kinda small for my tastes so I’ll look into seeing if I can enlarge it, but it seems to work so try it out and let me know what you think.

15 thoughts on “SEB members can now edit their comments after submission.

  1. Open up the plugin and do a find for textarea.  You’ll see it has columns 30 – I made mine 100 or some such.  Really helps a lot.

  2. Hey Lisa! You do tech support outside of the official forum? wink

    I’ll try this plugin myself, but I’m a bit concerned about having to turn off caching for the template. This might require some rethinking of the template structure…

  3. I don’t use any template caching, so that’s not a problem for me.

    And occasionally I’ll pop my head in at some of the places I watch.  I even offered an entire day of free, instant skype and AIM based tech support on my site once – but my site is so far off the radar that no-one took me up on it. *grins*

  4. Lisa, I can’t think of anything that would require a full day’s worth of EE tech support.

    Other than what lead to SEB’s template melt-down, which is a moot point ever since Les redesigned this site.

  5. 30 minutes would be a better time. That would be more than enough to re-proofread even a fairly long post.

    EDIT: Woo-hoo, it works!

  6. I can think of plenty that would take far more than a day to resolve.  But no – what I meant is that I made myself available via Skype and AIM for anyone to ask questions, and promised I’d be there until I slept.

    No-one asked questions.  I got off easy wink

  7. Lisa, thanks! That did the trick.

    Elwed, as of the moment, no. Though you could always ask Paul nicely on the EE forums if he’d be willing to consider those ideas. grin

  8. Double dipping to add the following: If you guys think 60 minutes is too long then I’ll shorten it a bit. Does 30 minutes seem like plenty or should it be even shorter? 15?

    Oh what the hell, I’ve made it 15 for the time being.

  9. This plugin is called, oddly enough, Edit Comments

    Obviously the man is not familiar with Microsoft development standards. wink

    but I don’t want comments to be editable forever.

    Gee, thanks.  Now how the hell am I supposed to run for public office if I can’t put past comments in the proper context?  Or at least blame it on someone hijacking my login…

    Is it possible to flag edited comments or even better, provide a record of the edit history?

    All joking aside, this would be good, since I wonder about a quick give and take resulting in someone editing their post to cover their ass after someone hands it to them.

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