Sci-Fi Channel debuts Season 3 of new “Doctor Who” on July 6th.

The folks over at Outpost Gallifrey have the scoop:

The Sci-Fi channel in the USA has announced its schedule for July 6th, the start of its transmission of Season Three.

The Runaway Bride debuts at 8pm and is immediately followed by Smith and Jones at 9.30pm. Both programmes are repeated starting at 11.30pm.

The premieres come after a day of Doctor Who on the channel, with Season Two episodes being shown from 6am until 4pm.

You can see Sci-Fi’s full schedule for the day by clicking here.

Incidentally, I just watched Episode 11 this past weekend and damn if it’s not turning out to be a good season so be sure to catch it on Sci-Fi if you haven’t already seen it via other means.

5 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Channel debuts Season 3 of new “Doctor Who” on July 6th.

  1. “Blink” is a most excellent episode. Freaked both my wife and my daughter out.

    I, of course, was just fine with it.

  2. I, of course, was just fine with it.

    Liar Liar pants on fire LOL

    One of the creepiest things on TV. I don’t see the point of horror movies.  This, however, you knew it was just the props dept moving them, but still…

  3. I must admit the last two episodes of the series (when a certain somebody makes a reappearance) was extremely disappointing. They (the writers) could have made so much of the extra character but failed to do so – the character wasn’t anything really like he was before (yes, we’ve seen him before – but I’m not saying any more as it’ll be a spoiler).

  4. I loved the appearence of Mr Saxon.  For me the only ‘gear crunch’ was the Doctor’s get out clause- thought it a little silly, a little too much ‘magic’.  However by play between Saxon and the Doctor was brilliant.

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