“Psychic” fraud Sylvia Browne is coming to Detroit.

Well, to Novi Michigan at least. I pass by the Rock Financial Showplace, an annoying name for a convention hall, on the way to and from work and I noticed that they’re advertising An Afternoon with Sylvia Browne on the marquee. She’ll be in town for one day on July 21st to suck up as much money as she can before packing away her bullshit and heading to Cincinnati Ohio to scam more folks down there. She’s not coming alone, though, she’s also bringing Colette Baron-Reid with her! Colette’s official title is “Intuitive Counselor” as opposed to Sylvia’s title of Psychic and that was a new one on me so I did some searching to find out what the hell an “Intuitive Counselor” happens to be. Here’s the definition provided by the folks at Holistic Junction:

    What is INTUITIVE COUNSELING? Intuitive counseling is a combined technique of counseling skills and intuitive abilities. Through intuitive counseling, a counseler uses his or her intuitive abilities to access information that may nor be known by the conscious mind.

    By accessing hidden past lives or past experiences, intuitive counselors enable a client to find resolve and move past situations that are blocking energy in their spiritual pathways.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how that’s in any way different from “Psychics” then you’re not alone. A more honest definition can be found at About.com’s Holistic Healing site:

    Why do so many healers refer to themselves as intuitive rather than psychic?

    Although there is nothing wrong with being referred to as a psychic, the term itself has gotten a bit of a bad rap. I personally don’t like to be associated with the label psychic. I think the change in labeling may be to create a distinction between those of us who are interested in helping others with our intuitive tools from the stigma attached from the scamming fortune tellers who call themselves psychic. Because we are all psychic on some level this ability need not be looked at as if it is a gift or talent. It is a muscle that can be flexed or lay dormant. Everyone doesn’t use their intuitive natures professionally to help others…. some of us that do are more comfortable referred to ourselves as intuitive counselors/healers.

Translation: “Psychic” has lost some of it’s credibility among the overly credulous so we’ve invented a whole NEW word that means the same thing but sounds kinda professional and scientific like!

I’d be inclined to actually attend this event just for the laughs, but tickets cost a minimum of $50 for the Green Section and $75 for the Blue Section, the latter of which is already sold out proving once again that you can’t put too high a price on stupid. So if you are one of the millions of people who have cheezewhiz for brains and are desperate to find out that your dead wife/husband/son/daughter/dog/chipmunk/ant colony still loves you and is very happy in the afterlife then you’d better hurry up before all the Green tickets are sold out.

10 thoughts on ““Psychic” fraud Sylvia Browne is coming to Detroit.

  1. I still have no idea how these assholes sleep at night.  I guess you just really have to believe in your work.

  2. I do believe in intuitive nature, I had not talked with my father for over 20 years before he died, However, I was with a friend and told him. “I get the feeling that my dad just died.” I called my uncle to say hello the next day. And I was right. It was all very strange. I am of the opinion that we are ” Bigger Beings ” then we think.

    Anyway…About this woman, I have read where she has told families that their loved one’s are dead…When in fact they were still alive. The most recent case was those two boys in Missouri that were missing. Their parents went broke forking it over to her. She is shameless.

  3. even if she did have ANY validity, with that personality and nature she would be one of the most evil and harmful individuals on this planet. everything she says have tendencies to hurt at least someone.

    i consider my country quite safe, she wouldn’t have enough supporters here? whatever the case, i’m quite pissed.

  4. “Psychic” has a bad rap?  Awww.  Another word to join “creationism” and “phrenology” on the cacaphemism treadmill…

    The stupid!  It burns!

  5. I wouldn’t sweat it, Les. After all, it would probably give you a splitting headache in addition to a walletache. Besides that, I’ve been to Novi, and seeing as I was almost arrested basically just for being an undesireable in their upscale WASP mall, it doesn’t seem like a great place to be with or without Sylvia Browne.

  6. If people are going to call themselves “intuitive counselors,” shouldn’t they have to submit to a blood test to prove they have at least some Betazoid heritage?

  7. My intuitive counsler told me to be very careful with my finances.As problems in a past life have allowed me to be very gullable and easily duped in this life. And I believe her!

  8. You should go and demand that she win the powerball in order to donate it to charity.

  9. Collette Barron Reid brought about the end of my nearly 8 year long relationship. My ex was stupid enough to shell out the $2 grand for the psychic cruise with Collette and Sylvia. Apparently, during the cruise, she got some intuitive counseling that told her to leave me for the company of a 65 year old married woman (the ex is 34). I hated Collette at first, but in hindsight, good riddance. These Hollywood psychics are a sham, and a disgrace to those of you who practice out of the goodness of your hearts, rather than the depth of your wallets.

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