My body is a battleground.

I’ve not been on the PC much the past couple of days because I’ve managed to catch a late spring cold and I’ve been enjoying the contradiction of experiencing chills while sweating profusely. It seems to be confined to the upper back part of my throat and hasn’t migrated into either my sinuses or my chest as of yet and I’m holding out hope that it won’t. I’ve been passing my time in bed by imagining that the Mother of All Battles is taking place between my immune system and the little cold buggies fought mainly with large and very nasty flamethrowers. I am up this morning and am going to make an attempt to go to work, but it remains to be seen if I’ll make it through the whole day or not.

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  1. Two organic pain relievers for throat pain to keep in mind:

    Clove is one remedy for tooth/throat pain.  Just chew softly on the woody portion…

    Gargling with Cayanne Pepper in warm/hot water is another one that works fantastically.  One would think that it give you a case of the “hots”, but this is not so.


  2. I did a term paper on the common cold and associated type symptoms, In short our blood contains several types of white blood cells. When we acquire a cold or the symptoms of a cold. A peculiar reaction happens. A Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte also referred to as a phagocytic enzyme changes in it’s dynamics based on the temperature of the body. As we begin to run a fever, these enzymes are naturally released. They engulf foreign bacteria in the body. It’s the bodys natural defense.

    The trick is to activate the enzymes other than by natural phenomena, Or causing these cells to show up in larger numbers.

    So.. How do we do that ?

    Have you ever noticed when you take ( Niacin ) that you get a flush. I believe that flush to in fact release these enzymes.

    I recommend that you and everyone for that matter take at least 1000mg of Niacin everyday. It also helps your cardiovascular health and your general health. You will probably need to start with 100mg if your not use to the drug. And gradually double the dose everyday until you are at 1000mg at a minimum. I personally take 2500mg per day and do not flush. This indicates a state of purity of my blood. I am very healthy at 52. I also experienced no colds or flu in the last decade.

    So run down ( or drive ) to the drug store and pick up a bottle. You’ll “feel alive” for about 30 minutes. Your skin, particularly your backside and under arms will turn a nice pink to red color, you will feel like your on fire. It will go away after it’s done it’s job.

    As for over the counter cold meds. Most do more harm than good. Mucinex ( Pill ) is the only one to be biologically friendly to your immune system. Also a good all natural cough drop. NO to any product that contains Acetaminophen. Yes to a couple of Aspirin.

    Good luck Les, Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. Careful Les… Guy at my work got viral menegitis and continued to come for a couple of days before he found out… and just suddenly tonight my throat is killing me.

    I’m scared.

  4. Sepharo…Sorry to hear about you too..Try to stay calm. Over sensitivity, easily agitated is a sign or part of the diagnosis for Viral Meningitis. There is only one sure way to tell, and that is through a spinal tap. There are two kinds of meningitis, Bacterial and Viral. Viral is the minor form and has a duration of 14 days to 3 weeks. “Do not take Aspirin”…Take Acetaminophen to relax. Please go see your Physician. The Viral form is rarely fatal. The Bacterial form is downright lethal.

  5. Good onya Paul – we got a doctor in the house – hear that Sepharo?
    Go see a doctor.
    When Dad was 7 (back in 1924) his father got meningitis and died.
    Musta been the bacterial kind – he was medical superintendent of a hospital in The Netherlands. Dad still brings it up occasionally – he never ‘got over it’.

  6. Thanks LuckyJohn..Working as an Undertaker, Or even a medical superintendent would dictate that a person become medically knowledgeable about medicine and disease. In my case, just because people are dead does now mean they stop being a risk to the health of others that come in contact with them. I am two years from having a PhD in Pathology. I could have went on to be a MD very easily. But I had a lot of Doctor friends, They told me that they would have chosen a different field if they had known that they were going to spend so much time looking up peoples assholes.

    On another note, my truck is in the shop this week, we are in East Texas and I am bored out of my mind. I am spending a lot of time on the computer. This just sucks being stuck here.

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