It’s finally happened. I’m no longer an atheist…

I have seen the light and joined the one true religion:

The truth of it is self-evident. Be sure to read the full comic

24 thoughts on “It’s finally happened. I’m no longer an atheist…

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of ‘deeply religous’ of conventional religions are anti-gaming, that it’s either violent, a waste of resources or a waste of life, but we all need entertainment in a form, and that makes them hypocritical. Notice also the higher concentration of video gamers on SEB and in the sciences, I think being a gamer (and what you play) almost says something about certain aspects of your personality.

  2. I’ll stick with The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Speaking of hypocritical, I just love how there are so many “Christian” servers on Halo. They all say they are true followers, yet they have no problem playing a game that depicts them killing another human being for fun.

  3. Killing would appear to come quite low on the xian list of ‘seriousness of sin’, making it acceptable as a means to an end for achieving something as critical to the world as everyone singing hymns every sunday. Nethertheless, it is hypocracy.

    (I think in general hypocracy is regarded as bad because despite sometimes making a valid point, it’s often trying to get something for nothing, developing cynicism)

  4. They who believe in me shall not perish but have eternal life and unlimited ammunition!

  5. He who cheeteth to complete thine quest in earnest shalt be mocked and riddiculed by those of purity

  6. Sign me up! …. actually now I think on it.. do we have to go to sunday mass? – bugger that shit

  7. Name the Game

    Partially inspired by the brotherhood of nod in tiberian dawn (where it has nukes) and tiberian sun (where it takes on the face of a death cult)

  8. Partially inspired by the brotherhood of nod in tiberian dawn (where it has nukes) and tiberian sun (where it takes on the face of a death cult)

    Our survey said…

    …. Neh-nah.

    Far too recent (its not actually a computer game, something far more fun).

  9. LH: There are 10 kinds of people.
    Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

    I like it.
    There are II types of people in the world – those who do not understand Roman Numerals and those who do.
    There are 2 kinds of people—those who do not divide people into kinds, and those who do.
    There are 2 kinds of people—those who do not finish off other people’s sentences and those who …

    End world hunger – with a nuke

    Kill God – with a meteorite about half mile across.

  10. Far too recent (its not actually a computer game, something far more fun).

    Could you please fill us in; I’m utterly clueless on what it is and this is really driving me nuts.

    “Thou shalt worship the Creation or be cast down as n00b!  Damned to horrid PUG’s for all of time!”

    It even has a hell….n00b Halo servers anyway.  Still waiting for the day when Microsoft releases a mouse for the Xbox series and Halo n00bs learn the truth of the headshot.

    “Thou shalt hit the head or nothing at all”

  11. Its the tag to an interesting little card game called “Nuclear War”. Players get dealt 5 (I think) cards representingWarheads (of various yields), missile delivery systems (that have warhead yield limitations on) and populations, which you place in front of you as you get them (of various sizes- pity the guy who gets only one pop card of 5 million).  Everybody plays two cards face down. The 1st person (always the person who owns the game) places a third card then turns over his 1st.

    Play continues clockwise. The 1st player then places a 4th card and reveals the 2nd. If the 1st and 2nd do not go Warhead+suitable delivery system the 1st card is discarded. 

    Play continues with “Test firings” and “Nuclear Tests” (as un matched cards are called) until someone plays a legal Missile-Warhead combo (though it may be the other way round). He then nominates a target player. A spinner is spun to give caualties.

    Play continues until one player loses his last pop centre. Last man standing wins. HOWEVER Any one who is wiped out by nukes (not a propagander card) may immediately pair all warhead-missiles in his hand and attack any other player in a Final Launch.  If this wipes them out (And lets face it 3 or 4 nukes can put a definate crimp in your day) they are allowed to do a final strike…  Oddly enough there is often no winner.  Though wiki doesn’t say much about the inventor I heard somewhere he was a politics lecturer, and used it to demonstrate how game theory was applied to modern politics- Players have to decide how early to attack- do they wait for better cards- if they have a high yield warhead but no missile do they keep and hope for a drawn card or do they use it to discourage what looks like an imminent attack etc.

  12. I’ll dismantle the Church if you can provide evidence that Christianity creates killers and makes mindless zombies out of the rest of the flock that can’t be used to prove video games do the exact same thing.

  13. I won’t be taking up that offer, Popeness, if only for the reason that Christianity is an amorphous blob, and both sides are free to cherry-pick what they find wrong or right in Christianity. There are some groups of Christians who take their beliefs purely on the supposed conduct of Jesus Christ, while completely omitting God and the supernatural realm.

    Define Christianity and I’ll think about it.

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