Happy 40th birthday Bill.

In memory of William Owen IV

If he hadn’t been killed by an idiot who thought he was a police officer then today Bill would’ve hit the big 40 and I’d be teasing him mercilessly about how he’s two months older than I am.

It’s been four years since he passed away and time has dulled the pain of losing my best friend just as it always does. I even managed to forget to put up a post in February on the anniversary of his death. I’m still deciding on if that’s a good or a bad thing.

He is missed very much not just by me, but all his friends and family. You can see some photos of Bill in the SEB photo gallery.

10 thoughts on “Happy 40th birthday Bill.

  1. The dead are kept alive by love.  All the best to you, Les.

    Idiots are everywhere.  An hour ago I had to hit the brakes hard on a bike path because a twenty-something in a sports car cut me off.  Luckily, we both stopped and nothing happened.  When I pointed out to him that I had the right of way he just said “Leck mich doch”.  Ah me.

  2. I’m still deciding on if that’s a good or a bad thing.

    You have grieved his death. This means only that you’re ready to move on; I’m sure Bill would agree that, at the very least, this is not a bad thing.

  3. I had a best friend taken from me because the mayor of a small town near where my parents live decided to drive drunk.  The damage killing this one life is immense and likely one of the major factors for me turning to atheism.  If there is a God he would not have let my friend die, someone that did nothing but good in this world, and even gave up his own life to save his girlfriend in the accident.

    Worst part about it, the mayor only had to spend a year in jail and the judge gave him probation after that.  Amazing what you can get away with when you have power or money.

    I can’t say I know what your going through, but I feel for your loss Les.

  4. Your rememberence is a good thing, Les.  Not necessarily tied to a calendar, but to something that triggers the memory.

    Amazing what you can get away with when you have power or money.

    It throws Paris Hilton’s drunk driving into perspective; she was going 75mph in a 35 zone, at night, drunk, with her headlights off, on a suspended license.  But she gets worldwide attention while whining about her unfair treatment and leveraging her upset tummy into a shorter sentence.

    Or what Ted Kennedy did to Mary Jo Kopechne.  He’s still a senator.  She’s still dead.

  5. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a best friend but I imagine it would be painful and particularly frustrating if death was due to the actions of a ‘tard.

    Hopefully, if I was to lose a friend that way, I’d be wise enough to eventually let the circumstances of his death slide and focus on the smiley times.
    I’ll bet there were many of them.
    Here’s to the good times. *clink*  smile

  6. You have my empathy.  You’ve always had it on this issue.

    My life is my dedication to the man that I was privileged to call my best friend for a period of time.  Gone, but never, never forgotten.

  7. I think celebrating his birth and his life is a good thing and so might be forgetting the day of his death. Peace to you, to his friends and to his family.

  8. I can certainly appreciate the gravity of your grief. The needless death of a special person in our lives requires special thought. I have lost a lot of friends, But there are several that left a definite and unique imprint on my life, those deaths are the hardest for us, because it is like a piece of ourselves has died. And in a way ( That is exactly what happened ).

    But the good news is that they don’t completely die, They and their gift of friendship and good qualities live on in our lives. That is a choice we can give ourselves.

    We want to keep them buried deep within our hearts.

    We elect to pass on that intangible and greatest of all gifts that they gave us, The ability to continue to live life so well that we too can be remembered with such fondness and love. It is a choice that we can make everyday.

    If these good qualities were handed down long enough, the world would be a better place.

  9. A good tribute, Les.  To purloin some “Henry V”, let them be in our flowing cups freshly remembered.

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