Follow up on earlier job interview.

I mentioned awhile back that I had an interview with the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. It came as a bit of a surprise as it had been a month since I had applied when I got the call. I thought it went pretty well, but I hadn’t heard back from them in awhile and considering how long it took them to call me in the first place I wasn’t sure if it was because I didn’t get the job or because they were just slow.

Turns out they were just slow. I got an email last night letting me know they decided to go with someone else. That’s OK. I didn’t really want to drive all the way into downtown Detroit every day anyway. At least they were cool enough to let me know one way or the other even if it did take awhile. Most companies don’t bother.

4 thoughts on “Follow up on earlier job interview.

  1. I’m always pleased when someone is cool enough to do something they don’t profit from, even if it’s bad news- renews my faith in the possibility that we might not blow it after all…

  2. It’s sad we’ve come to a place that when someone, let alone a company, does something honourable, we are pleasantly surprised.
    I’ve had a few jobs where I was hiring and it never dawned on me NOT to let unsuccessful applicants know the bad news as nicely as possible as soon as possible.

  3. I really appreciate it when someone lets me know I didn’t get the job.  Even though it only happened once.  It’s a shame that more places don’t do that, really.  It allows us to look elsewhere right away and waste less time.  If I sucked tell me right away, don’t make me think you might have liked me.

  4. What everybody else said. The way I see it, if a prospective employer is too disrespectful to give you closure or too cowardly to give you bad news, they probably suck anyway.

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