Father’s Day weekend review.

Had a good weekend in part because it was the first one I’ve had off since I started the new job. On Saturday we went up to visit with the parents and give Dad his birthday and father’s day gifts seeing as I had to miss his b’day due to work. We got him an audio book version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and a new cookbook called Chocolate and Zucchini, a prospect that kind of frightens me.

Took a look at their new PC I built for them that didn’t want to POST. Fixed it by, of all things, unplugging the power supply from the wall for a moment. The BIOS was locking up for some reason. The motherboard is relatively new so I checked the manufacturer’s site and saw they had at least two updates to the BIOS that addressed some crashing causing issues so I updated the BIOS and then updated their video card drivers for good measure. When I left the system seemed to be pretty stable so hopefully this will settle it down.

Sunday was a daddy-daughter date day where Courtney and I went out to lunch at the Coney Island where we ate food that has little to no real nutritional value which I paid for and then she paid for tickets to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The third outing was confusing at times what with all the double crossing going on, but it was enjoyable just the same and I thought a fitting end to the trilogy. All in all a good way to spend a Father’s Day.

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day weekend review.

  1. I’m glad some kids see fit to recognize Father’s Day.  Mine didn’t know it from Darwin and Lincoln’s Birthday.  I guess it’s my own fault for raising them atheist. LOL

  2. Happy fathers day zilch (and all others).
    On the subject of kids. My roomates wife got all pissed at me today, because her son told her that the only reason he goes to youth group is to meet girls. Yes it’s my fault.

  3. For what it’s worth, disconnect power completely and try shorting the CMOS reset jumper, then pull the battery (if it is still unstable).  Wait for a few minutes to put the battery back in and reset the jumper. Then you’ll have to re-check your BIOS options.  I tried this with one MB that was unstable and six months later it’s fine.  Don’t quite know why the battery pull is important but it worked after jumpering the BIOS reset alone didn’t.

  4. Thank you for dropping by.  The machine is better with only two crashes yesterday but it came right back up dad said.

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