Doing a little blogging from work…

… which is kinda weird because while I can get to my Jenkins Online domain—where my installation of ExpressionEngine is stored—just fine I can’t get to SEB itself as it’s been blocked by the company’s web filtering software, presumably because of the naughty word in the URL. In the four years and couple of months that I was at Ford they never blocked SEB, but it appears this company has a much more aggressive censor-ware installed as some of the video game news websites I hit daily are also blocked, but yet is still OK. Go figure.

Anyway, it’s been pretty slow at work lately due to a shipment of PCs not having arrived for the past three days. So I’ve been mostly sitting on my ass twiddling my thumbs and listening to my iPod or discussing the finer points of geek culture with the other techs such as the back story behind the Silver Surfer due to make his appearance in the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel. Today is another one of those days so I thought I’d see if I couldn’t get a couple of entries up seeing as I’ve been rather slack lately. I just won’t be able to check SEB’s main page to make sure it actually looks proper when I’m done publishing so if anything seems particularly sloppy, well, that’s why.

2 thoughts on “Doing a little blogging from work…

  1. My hobby is wargaming (little model soldiers).  I can get into “Navwar” from work, but not “Peter Pig”.  I believe the policy was that every thing is blocked unless its been unblocked.  I can only assume some one has sucessfully argued there is a business reason to access 1:3000 scale battleships, but not 15mm troops. Also available are the BBC, Ebay, and shopping TV channel sites… No idea! Probably find that your employer is the same, they are not going out their way to block stuff, probably just some sites are unblocked. SEB is no surprise, given the amount of anglo saxon that gets used. I would never even consider accessing from work because of its monicker.  Also I would probably get the sack if some one read the site, as it doesn’t respect religeous diversity.

  2. Ford,as of a few months ago, is now blocking SEB. But I am still able to open topics here thru RSS feed. Go figure.

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