Weird day at work…

Word got out at the store that Monday would be my last day. People that I had barely spoken two or three words to were stopping me in passing and asking if the rumors that I was quitting soon were true. Many questions were asked: Where was I going? What would I be doing? Oh, that sounds like a good job. The whole day had a you’re-about-to-be-paroled-from-prison feel to it.

It felt weird in part because a lot of the people that chatted with me about it were people that I hadn’t any reason to think they knew I existed prior to today. Sure we’d pass each other in the aisle on occasion, but otherwise they’d go about their business without paying much attention to me. It’s jarring to suddenly have people recognizing you as though you’ve achieved some minor celebrity by your pending resignation. There was much well-wishing and good-for-yous today.

My boss, who was off yesterday so I couldn’t inform her until today, had also already heard via a phone call from someone last night and as such my announcement came as no surprise. I told her I was sorry I couldn’t give her a full two-weeks, but that I’d work a couple of weekends to try and make it up to her. She seemed to think that would be a pretty decent thing for me to do and thus it’s settled. So Monday won’t really be my last day after all, but the start of the transition away from that position.

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  1. Good for you Les. What I think is that many people feel too lazy (sometimes my fault too) or too scared to make a move once they are in a tolerable (but not all too great) position in their life. So getting of one’s ass and doing it is an achievement in itself.

    PS: Us poor corporate-drone IE6 users are still not getting any love from your changed layout, even though its been around for months. Text sections unreadable until you mouse over etc…

    Damn, I miss the old layout. At least, there you could know what numbers were trackbacks and what comments, whose name belonged to a comment (was it the name ABOVE or below the comment? I can never tell) and it had that nifty different border that told you of a guest entry as opposed to a Les-entry. Bring it (or at least some of its clarity) back, Les!

  2. Congratulations Les.  I haven’t said anything before, because I am (rather ridiculously) superstitious about stuff like this, and didn’t want to jinx it for you.

    As someone who is facing possibly losing his job next year I steered away from the whol subject.

    PS does anyone get a ‘barcode effect’ if they try to scroll down in the first few seconds after clicking a link, as all the letters leave streams up the page?

  3. PS does anyone get a ‘barcode effect’ if they try to scroll down in the first few seconds after clicking a link, as all the letters leave streams up the page?

    Yes, one of those irritating issues…

    Bible: Errata.  Insert into Genesis after verse 8:17.
    8:18 And Noah travelled around the earth in the ark, dropping off all the creatures which belonged elsewhere
    8:19 The penguins, and kangaroos, and llammas
    Renumber all subsequent verses as needed.

    Lol. Hadn’t seen your sig recently, Last Hussar.

  4. Ingolfson, I’ll take another look at the layout, but the last time I pulled it up in IE6 it seemed to work OK. I’ll try completely recoding the CSS and see if that works any better.

  5. Congratulations on the new job. And they are right, it’s a very gracious gesture on your part. Most people just leave, never to be heard from again.

    Congratulations again, and good luck in the future.

  6. I meant to congratulate you in an earlier thread about your new prospect of meaningful new employment. I believe this to be a good choice based on several reasons. But mainly staying in touch with the technological advances in computer science. It will help you to remain competitive in the employment market. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that this opportunity becomes permanent.

    As for this Board, Yes I too have issues when I first open a thread. It all runs together with strange looking lines. I finally got so mad yesterday that I just really lost it. I remember screaming ” STUPID EVIL BASTARD ” Just before the Meltdown. Thank God for thorazine and the understanding staff.

    It does not seem to bother me at all today.

  7. I don’t have any problems viewing anything…oh yes, that is because I use FireFox <3.

    Anyhow, for you IE6 Corporate Drones, the reason you might be having problems, is because Les coded proper CSS instead of using the hacks needed to render anything in IE. IE hasn’t, and still doesn’t as of the latest version, use proper CSS rendering. MS decided that they were going to take CSS, and “extend” it with their own proprietary crud. IE looks for said crud in the CSS code, doesn’t see what it is expecting, thus, the “errors”. Les would have to look up what rendering hacks he would have to incorporate to render properly for IE, as well as setup a bit of browser header reading to determine which set of CSS to load. And people wonder why I long for the days of plain-text websites with static pictures smile

    Les: Congrats on the new job wink I am currently looking for a new one myself. Unfortunately, not a lot of tech-related positions nearby that don’t involve a 1-2 hour commute (one-way). That doesn’t work well when you share a car with your wife, you live in the middle of nowhere, and you live in a forest-covered mountain snow-belt. So, I envy your easy access to civilization raspberry

  8. Off-topic:  Bachalon, you’re in Deutschland?  Come visit me in Wien.

    Hussar:  much as I was flattered by your previous signature from the Book of Zilch, this one is even better.  “Renumbering” is indeed a good metaphor for the tweaking of the Bible to fit reality.

  9. Bachalon, you’re in Deutschland?  Come visit me in Wien.

    Bit of a drive if he turns out to be in Flensburg- thats 500miles/800km.

    I’ve published a number of errata over the past few months, and no one can prove they were not divinely revealed.  I just wish I kept a list of ‘em. The renumbering is a standard technique when a motion is put to amend an organisations rule book- it’s the last bit just to tidy up loose ends and keep the numbering logical.

    I’m not on IE, I’m on AOL (Yeah I know what you’re all gonna say) I don’t expect Les to do to much work to keep us happy, I just wondered if any one else got it (That pic of the breast feeding baby looks really weird if you ‘trail’ both the top of the baby’s head and the bottom of the boob.)

  10. As someone who is facing possibly losing his job next year I steered away from the whole subject.

    Re-writeThe Goat Herders’ Guide to the Galaxy as a more obvious comedy and satire. I reckon you’d make more money than the authors of the original attempt. You could even correct some of the contradictions.
    I’d definitely read it again – and see what you can do with those pages dealing with the begats and begets – I found it a tough part to get through.

    Les, your experiencing the many acknowledgements of your existence from people you barely knew, ever so slightly reminds me of contemplating one’s own funeral – we never know who will come … and never will.

  11. Les, just looking at the time I posted and the time LH posted before me – it seems like it was supposed to be my local time that was showing which is an hour out for some reason. It’s really only 8.30 here – not 9.30.
    I don’t expect you to fix it just to satisfy my obsessive-compulsive nature – I’m just letting you know.

    LH, interesting about the baby’s head and the breast – it doesn’t happen on my ‘puter but it does remind me of ‘how do you get a man to suck ata pound of flesh? Put a nipple on it.’

  12. I think it codes your posting time as UTC, and adjusts for your time zone if your logged in. Going to post this then post again to complete comment. it is 6.28 am here

  13. Obviously something in the software is adding an extra hour.

    Either that or Les is once again proving his divinity by stealing time- except as a far more liberal and loving god he didn’t steal 11 days.

  14. Ad talking of weird days- guess who the main objectors to a simple world calender are. This would allow every calender to be the same each year, and make each quarter the same length.

  15. The World Calendar is a clever idea, but it will never take off, and not only because of religious opposition:  the current calendar is too well established, and changing over would be too onerous.  Why are we still stuck with qwerty (well, here in Austria with “qwertz”) keyboards, which are demonstrably much less efficient than the Dvorak?  Of course, with computers one can effortlessly convert the keyboard to Dvorak, but converting one’s mind and fingers is another matter- how many people have done it?  I don’t have documentation (which would be hard to quantify anyway) but I’d bet that switching to Dvorak keyboards would save the world more than changing the calendars.

    That’s not to say I don’t think they’re good ideas.  But changing old ingrained systems is very difficult.

  16. Not sure on the time thing as I have the Daylight Savings option enabled in the preferences (as it should be currently) and I have it enabled in my own SEB profile as well. My guess is that the server’s clock is off a bit or something, but I’ve not actually looked into it yet.

    That’s one of the few complaints I have about ExpressionEngine is it’s handling of Daylight Savings time. It’s very confusing.

  17. I thought it probably was a DST thing. It would be understandable if it was the period between US DST and UK BST, but I’m fairly sure we have already put the clocks forward this year.

    Talking of Time zones, there is a campaign that keeps cropping up to put the UK on European time to make things easier. 2 arguments are given- Less road deaths and conforming to Europe.

    1) Road deaths- Start the schools earlier- you dont get more daylight, just at different times

    2) Conforming to Europe.  It is France, Spain and the low Countries that are wrong- we shouldn’t have to match to them, they should get it right.  No I am not a Europhobe (though they like to be called sceptics).  It is a question of maths. 0’ runs through London. =GMT. 24 hours in a day, means each time zone is 15’(360’/24)- obviously this can not be absolute due to man made considerations- ie national borders. However GMT+0 should extent from 7.5’W to 7.5’E. 7.5’E is the Franco-German Border. GMT+1= 7.5 to 22.5’E- Almost exactly the old Poland/USSR border. Hungary is +1, Romania+2. (Berlin is 13’E- almost exactly +1 on Greenwich)
    St Petersburg is +2 – Moscow is on the +2/+3 border as it is 37’E.

    Thus, France, Spain and Benelux should be on UK time. Germany – Poland +1.

  18. I know nothing about time zones or Europe (including UK) but I’ll comment anyway. smile

    France, Spain and Benelux should be on UK time. Germany – Poland +1.

    I’m not too sure how big UK/Europe proper is but it can’t be much bigger than Western Oz which is all on one time zone and 2 hours behind us on the East coast.
    I’d suggest the timing problems lie more with national pride (bullshit) than logic.

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