Weekend America on the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.

I caught a very interesting segment yesterday during Weekend America on NPR yesterday in which they discussed the true history of Jamestown — the first permanent settlement in America — which is quite a bit different from what a lot of us were taught in school.

This weekend, there are celebrations in Virginia commemorating the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English Settlement in the United States: Jamestown. But what exactly happened in Jamestown may not be some of the things being celebrated. Independent Producer Nate DiMeo tells the story of this Anti-Thanksgiving.

The good news is that you can listen to this fascinating story by Real Alternative Codec here.

The story itself is surprisingly horrifying with people being duped into coming to the “New World” thinking it would be a great adventure only to be faced with starvation, cannibalism, and slaughter at the hands of the native population and all for that great American tradition known as corporate greed. Worth a listen.

7 thoughts on “Weekend America on the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.

  1. I remember what a happy legend this was when I was a kid.  How noble everyone involved was.  This has to be the work of America-hating liberals.  wink

  2. This has to be the work of America-hating liberals.

    Nope, we are all pointing out that St. Augustine, Florida is older and founded by Spanish speaking people (who are of course, ‘evil’ because they spoke Spanish).

  3. There are times when I wonder if, a few hundred years ago, the Spanish speaking population of the American south west and Florida had the same conversations (complete with extra vitriol) about white English speaking ‘illegal immigrants’ that we have now about Mexicans. I know that some of the Hawaiians are none to happy about the white illegals that came to Hawaii and the forced the annexation of the Kingdom of Hawaii…

  4. One society’s glorious story of exploration and settlement is another’s story of devastation at the hands of invaders.  ‘Twas ever so.

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