The inspiration for the dancing animations in WoW.

Every race in World of Warcraft has two unique dances, one for males and one for females, that a character will perform when a player types /dance into the console and every player has used them at least once. I’ve always known that they were based on real-world dances, but I didn’t always recognize the inspirations behind them or how well they match the source material Blizzard used as a reference when making the animations. Now YouTube user animpinabox has put together a video clip that shows various WoW characters dancing alongside their real-life inspirations:

There’s still more to come and he hopes to put a second video together soon and I can’t wait to see it.

List of Clips:
1: Saturday Night Fever
2: MC Hammer- Cant Touch This
3: Chubby Checker- The Twist
4: Alizee- J’en Ai Marre
5: Napoleon Dynamite
6: Daler Mehndi- Tunak Tunak Tun
7: Chris Farley Chippendales sketch
8: Britney Spears- Toxic (dance routine)
9: Michigan J. Frog
11:Michael Jackson: Billie Jean
12: Peanut Butter Jelly Time


10 thoughts on “The inspiration for the dancing animations in WoW.

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  2. Sad thing is, I know which dances are missing:

    Human female
    Gnome male and female
    Draenei female
    Orc female
    Tauren female
    Undead male and female
    Troll male and female
    Druid bear form
    Goblin male and female

    There’s a few others like Broken and Druid Moonkin form but they have the same dance as other races.

  3. I wouldn’t call it sad, kind of pointless, but not sad.  Sad would be if you pointed out that dance X was not based on what was shown in clip Y, but was instead based on T.

  4. Alright… im guna do all of these dances but the 4th and 10th one… (the 4th would make me look like a prostitute and I just dont like riverdances…)
    and yes im doing the toxic song.  I dont care either!!! im guna do it in front of everyone at the talent show!!!  Anyone to back me up? :D?

  5. Where is the Tauren female? It kinda broke my heart not to see it. 🙁 (I just dinged at 70 today btw)

  6. I think the guy that put that together plans on doing another one once he finds the needed footage. I’ve not checked yet if he’s managed to do so.

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