Team Fortress 2: Meet the Heavy

I used to play a lot of Team Fortress Classic online, but haven’t played much of the first Half-Life or its mods since Half-Life 2 came out. Years ago Valve announced that they were working on Team Fortress 2 and the initial screen shots showed a very realistic looking game. Then it fell off the planet and wasn’t heard from for years and years. HL2 came out along with Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source and finally Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and still not a peep on Team Fortress 2

…until just recently when it was revealed as being part of the upcoming Half-Life 2: Episode 2 due to be released sometime this year. The new screen shots showed a much different looking game that has a bit of a cartoony look to it and definitely doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously. I was a little dubious about this until seeing the video “Meet the Heavy” from the folks at Valve:

OK, where’s that damned game. I wanna play! More clips from the teaser trailers after the jump.

5 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2: Meet the Heavy

  1. “Cry some more.”

    I LOVE IT!  They got versions for Spy and Pyro?

  2. Love it.  That is the first focused-on-a-character video.  There have been two general trailers released in the past six or so months.  All available in glorious resolution via Steam.

    The pyro is not getting enough love.  One short glimpse of one looking a little shocked in sniper sights during video #2 is the total.  Word is he has been substantially reworked with a nonhitscan flamer and no incendiary cannon.  The flamer is supposed to be the highest damage weapon in the game and will damage multiple opponents simultaneously.  No word on his movement rate, but I expect from descriptions that he is now slow mofo.

    The spy has gotten some good camera time in the first two videos.  He still disguises and has his backstabbing knife, but now has invisibility.  Is timelimited and has a cooldown period to for balance issues.

    Biggest news I have heard recently is that grenades have been completely removed.  Valve believes they hurt the cause of creating unique classes with unique abilities.

  3. You know, as I grow older, I become mentally feeble.  At this rate I may become a Southern Baptist by the time I am around one hundred eighty.

    The pyro did get a fair shot of camera time at the end of the first trailer.  His ‘in game’ appearance was static, and I am unsure as to the canon accuracy of his weapon performance during the final shot.

  4. I’m pretty hyped to see this come out.  And the new direction of being cartoony/pixar-ish is something I really like about it.  Too many games are taking themselves far too seriously these days going for the ultra realism and what not.  Along those lines, I have heard the Heavy Weapons Guy actually grins and laughs as you kill opponents and supposedly Vavle will give each of the characters some sort of appropriate killshot animation.  It sounds like it will be hella fun.  The only problem is I’ll have to seriously upgrade my PC as my current box only just manages to play Half-Life 2 in single-player and can’t handle multi-player (too old/slow).  *sigh*

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