Reminder that you are ADD.

Long time readers know that I am mildly ADD and that I get through a large part of my day by developing habitual routines such as the stuff I need to do to get ready for work in the morning. When these routines are working well it can be easy to forget that I am ADD until there’s a change that breaks the routine.

On Tuesday we had our first day of 80+ degree temps here in Michigan and so I decided it was finally time to get rid of the mop of hair I’d managed to grow over the winter. We buzzed it down as far as you can get it with the electric shears, but I didn’t bother taking a razor to it. This was the change that broke my routine this morning. When I’m in the shower I’m practically running on autopilot and so I grabbed the bottle of shampoo just like I’ve done every morning since I started working at Meijers and plopped a dab of shampoo right in the middle of my near-bald head.

Then I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, I shaved my head Tuesday. Duh.”

So my head is especially clean today as it’s been unnecessarily shampooed. My mother won’t be happy to hear I’ve buzzed my head again, she prefers me with hair, but I’ll be much more comfortable working outside as the weather continues to warm up.

11 thoughts on “Reminder that you are ADD.

  1. I’ll be much more comfortable working outside as the weather continues to warm up.

    But be sure and wear a hat, esp. with that cropped head.

  2. Habits.  Like when the power goes out for a while and every time you stumble your way to the bathroom and attempt to flip that switch.

  3. ***Dave, already got one provided by the store. In fact it was wearing the hat that convinced me it was time to shave my head.

  4. Hey Babe if being bald makes you happy that is fine with me.  My preference doesn’t count when it comes to your comfort. Love you shiny or not!!!

  5. Love you shiny or not!!!

    As Lord High Arch Pope I feel there are still elements of Dogma to be clarified. However I am shying away from the Life Of Brian one

    If it’s not to personal a question…

    {ducks and runs}
    My brother in law has that ‘horse-shoe’ pattern, kept short. I’m looking forward to it as it must be so much easier- no tedious hair drying!(though not the transitional stages- I don’t mind being a bald bloke, but I don’t want to be a man going bald)

  6. My sacred evil bastard – Hmmm… you could take advantage of baldness and the medical charges in the US by pretending you need money for chemotherapy, some people are bound to be charitable.

    Believe it or not there are less moral suggestions (using other entities) than mine…
    (interestingly SomethingAwful has a place on ed)

  7. My preference doesn’t count when it comes to your comfort.

    Now that’s mother love!  Happy Mother’s Day, Momma, and Les:  I just know you’re going to do something nice for your mom on Sunday.

  8. I have to admit I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do much of anything on Mother’s day at this point. Between work and a very limited budget I’m going to have to hope that building her a new PC will count as an early Mother’s Day gift.

  9. Sounds good to me, Les.  My own mom is no longer with us, but I’ve just finished a sundial for my mother-in-sin that I will install on Sunday.  Btw- after somehow coming to believe that Mother’s Day was invented by Hallmark Cards, it was illuminating to read the history at Wikipedia.

  10. Thanks for the link Zilch – it seems Oz, Aut and US celebrates it this weekend.
    I told my mate I’d do his work for him cos my mum fell off the perch in 95 and there are no other breeders in close proximity whereas, he has his wife, daughter and MiL to contend with. His only upside is that he gets to make goo-goo noises at his beautiful 4 month old g/daughter. She’s the cutest little creature – 1/2 Maori & 1/2 Oz with olive skin, black eyes and hair and loooong eye lashes; smiles a lot and doesn’t cry.
    I’m glad her neck has strengthened and she doesn’t need as much constant support anymore – damn, it used to scare me when the whole head would move cos there was not enough support. I only fucked up once just after she was born and her head crashed into my man boobs from a distance of about 2 inches; it seemed catastrophic at the time.

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