Pastor uses “spare the rod” verse to spank and rape female parishioners.

As if we needed more proof of the detrimental effect deep religious faith can have on one’s ability to think critically there’s the following news item out of Texas. A woman is suing the pastor of her church after her attempts at receiving spiritual guidance led to his using Biblical verses to forcibly spank and rape her:

According to the lawsuit filed by former church member Davina Kelly, she went to Mr. Allen for spiritual counseling in November 2001. At the sessions, he would talk to her and assign her biblical passages. If she didn’t read them, she would be punished, she said.

Ms. Kelly, a 34-year-old mother of three, said Mr. Allen then gave her a Bible and asked her to turn to passages such as the one that yielded the phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child.”

“It ended up being a lot of Scripture on spanking for the most part – parents disciplining their children,” she said in a February interview. “When he had me read them, it became obvious he meant for it to be spanking me.”

You’d think, assuming that this woman has more than a single kernel of candy corn for a brain, that this would be a major warning flag that perhaps this is not the spiritual guidance she is looking for. But perhaps it wasn’t immediately clear to this poor deluded woman at the time.

After the third meeting, she said, Mr. Allen told her to grab her ankles and swatted her once with a green wooden paddle.

“I felt a bit confused,” she said. “Afterward, he hugged me, told me he loved me. He just wanted me to obey.”

Here we have the second major warning flag that the dear pastor was interested in more than just her spiritual health. You’d think that’d be obvious at this point, but then you’d be under estimating the true power of faith!

The paddling escalated from there, she said, with Mr. Allen ordering her to pull down her jeans and then her underwear. Ms. Kelly said she was hesitant but believed so devoutly in Mr. Allen’s power that she viewed it as a spiritual father/daughter relationship.

“I looked at him as a man of God, my pastor,” she said. “I just revered him. I always thought he was hearing from God.”

It seemed wrong, but she just assumed God was telling him what to do so she went along with it. Makes perfect sense, if you have the brains of a trout.

Around March or April 2005, Mr. Allen made sexual advances and eventually added sex as part of her punishment, she said.

Because having sex with your pastor is a perfectly logical punishment for God to order upon someone, right? Perhaps we should be asking, “Who Would Jesus Do?”

What’s really amazing about this story is that since Ms. Kelly filed her lawsuit at least eight other women have come forward with similar accusations at least one of whom was 13 years old at the time she was assaulted. The pastor is accused of engaging in this behavior over a 25 year period and isn’t being charged with any criminal offenses at this point in time, though he has been suspended by the national body of the Church of God in Christ, which is something I suppose.

26 thoughts on “Pastor uses “spare the rod” verse to spank and rape female parishioners.

  1. I guess they needed older sex pawns, since so many people are beginning to put pedophilia with catholicism.  Now we can put rape with it too.

  2. I supppose 34 year old women is better than little children, but it goes to show (even to xians) about misplaced trust, and at least nowadays people will listen to the victim. It also shows the power of antithought, which religions spread to sustain power

    I do however think that stupidity is a mental illness and should be treated as such

  3. if you have the brains of a trout.

    Where were these stupid females when I was trying to lose my virginity – fucking pastas?
    Jeez that made me laugh – how could anyone be that brainless?
    Well, John, they do tend to believe in incredible theories.
    No, I don’t believe you; you must be lying to me.
    It’s true. I kid you not. Do you know they believe in invisible super beings cruising the planet 24/7 causing tsunamis, eruptions (volcanoes, you idiot) and wars … as well as reading thoughts?
    True and again; I kid you not. I know it’s silly butt, I gotta tell you – people really believe this shit.
    But – but – butt.
    Exactly, mate; exactly.
    That means you could sell them anything.
    Yeah – isn’t that great? We don’t even have to work at it, and, Bermuda’s quite lovely this time of year. smile

  4. For some background, watch Deliver Us From Evil, a documentary about the how the Catholic Church handled the pedophile (rapist) Oliver O’Grady and a few of his victims and their families.

  5. Elwed, funny you should mention that. I’m watching a review of THAT documentary on ‘At the Movies’ on SBS/PBS right now and both presenters said it’s a shocking must see; both gave it a 4 outa 5. Apparently it’s out tomorrow as a limited release type movie – what ever that means.
    The documentary’s offender, Oliver O’Grady who is living free in Ireland after serving 3 years in a US prison, which stinks big time, was interviewed as part of this documentary and he just doesn’t get the fact he caused any harm in any way.
    I don’t really advocate Sharia Law but

  6. it’s a shocking must see

    Yes, it is—unless you’re True Believer in the Catholic Church. If you suffer from hypertension, be sure you take your meds before watching.

    Probably the most disturbing sequence is the one where the tormented father of one of O’Grady’s first victims states he doesn’t believe that there’s a god anymore and all the rules of the Church are just made up—and his daughter is visibly pained to hear him say that he’s lost his faith.

    The documentary’s offender, Oliver O’Grady who is living free in Ireland after serving 3 years in a US prison, which stinks big time, was interviewed as part of this documentary and he just doesn’t get the fact he caused any harm in any way.

    Yup, living with a family or couple who doesn’t know his background and if the Irish authorities know by now, it’s only because of a principled Catholic priest who got it up the ass from the Church for taking a stand with the victims instead of the Church’s party line. O’Grady blames the Church for letting him prey(sic), but stops short of endangering the blood money the Catholic Church has provided for his “retirement” for refusing to testify against Mahoney. It’s chilling to hear him chat about raping scores of kids (the youngest victim was allegedly nine months old) when it’s perfectly obvious he doesn’t have the faintest clue how he fucked the bodies and lives of the hundreds(?) of victims and their families.

    And he’s just one priest.

    One thing is certain—I’ll be damned if I ever put my children under the care of a Catholic priest. Not that the others are necessarily better.

    If I manage to calm down, I’ll writea review of the documentary. Don’t hold your breath, though.

  7. I feel you Elwed, there are so many things that piss me off about the Catholic church.  Especially when I found out about Mother Teressa.

  8. Does this means my last girlfriend was trying to be a good Catholic, not just a kinky slut?  There were a lot of “Oh God”‘s involved!

    It was consensual; am I still supposed to feel guilty since it was really S&M for Jesus?

    I apologize for the crude humor, but this shit is beyond old.  Can’t we just castrate these fuckers, since they’re not supposed to be bonin’ anything in the first place?  Start with the Pope.  He’s there to set the example, right?

  9. Can’t we just castrate these fuckers

    Funny you should mention that; they should really be doing it to themselves.

    Question 36. What personal sacrifice for “the kingdom of heaven” was Jesus talking about when he told his disciples, “He that is able to receive it, let him receive it”?
    a.    Leave your family.
    b.    Pluck out your eyes.
    c.    Become poor.
    d.    Castrate yourself.
    Answer: D Castrate yourself.—No wonder we don’t hear sermons from the entire New Testament—how many preachers actually take this ghastly advice seriously?! Although some have prudently tried to interpret this as celibacy rather than castration, the early church father Origen read it literally and took a knife to himself. There were entire monastic orders, and church choirs in need of sopranos known as “castrati” based on this teaching of Jesus.

    Literal or not, the face value of this verse is physical mutilation:
    “But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs from the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” (Matthew 19:11-12)

    As I mentioned some time previously, I got 28 outa 50 correct in this test, mainly by taking the most obscene or stupid alternative – I got this one wrong cos I thought I’d have more difficulty plucking out my eyes.

  10. So my theory is she probably liked the spanking and the whatnot, and somewhere along the line there was a misunderstanding, hurt feelings, and some blackmail.

    … So really, she’s probably more clever than you guys are giving her credit for. :p

  11. Kosmic Sue- you might well be right, or at least partially right.  Who knows?  Untangling motivations is tricky at best, and even the participants may not know all the answers.  But in any case I have to say, that although patriotism may be the last refuge of the scoundrel, there are many other harbors along the way, including religion.

  12. It’s possible it never actually happened and was completely made up for grounds for suing – she might have known that the integrity of pastors is in doubt nowadays, and that a story of apparent stupidity doesn’t invalid your case

  13. The poor bastard mistake was he didn’t marry them after he raped them. If only he read the book he claims to preach, he would know that if you rape a woman you have to marry them, or else we have to stone them both to death. Ohh, wait what do you mean the bible is fake? You mean, I just wasted all that time looking for good stoning rocks for nothing. Well can I at least hit him with one, please?

  14. Timmeh- your opinion is obviously based on the Old Testament, which is no longer in force, according to Jesus.  Or maybe it is.  Hmmm.

  15. Well new testament doesn’t really address it so I have to think that the old rule still applies.

  16. I don’t really see the problem.  She was of legal age, it was consensual, and she could have walked out at any time.  I don’t think that she should get a dime because she consented to it.

  17. S&M for Jesus

    There’s a phrase you don’t hear everyday.  Do you think my (Christian) wife will engage in a little religeon later?

  18. IDM, some smart lawyer is gonna get her Buku money because while she’s in the care of a man of the cloth she is not responsible.
    And, seeing as the government supports this delusion, by giving tax dollars or breaks to religions, the courts will have to judge that the church has been neglectful [not god of course – you can’t really sue god – well you could but how far would you get?] and will have to come to the party.
    It’s an open and shut case … if you believe in the invisible sky guy, aka G-D.
    Of course if you don’t she’ll just be known as that slut who let the church guy fuck her, many times. KISS.

  19. though he has been suspended by the national body of the Church of God in Christ

    The whole thing kinda gives new meaning to in Christ, don’t you think?

  20. Barry, do you have a twin brother in Bathurst, Oz?
    In Oz you’d be called Baz – is this just an Oz habit or does it occur elsewhere?
    Gary = Gaz, Cheryl = Chezza, Murray = Muz, Terry = Tez. There’s some logic in there somewhere I’ve never taken to time to analyse – the time hasn’t come yet.
    Speaking of ‘come’ … yeah, Gaz – you’re right.

  21. Zedding stuff is done here too LJ- Baz and Gaz are common. Also Jez- Jeremy, Shazza- Sharon etc.  Common among teen boys is refering to each other by shortening surnames- I hope Jenks doesn’t mind we’re of thread. You’d possibly be Gezza, from your surname (I assume that its in your email)- Thinking about it- even men do it- sometimes even to the more tomboyish women as well.  My office has Smitty, Hops, Sprout (from Prouting) and Prento.

    Back to the original post

    sex as part of her punishment

    That’s a punishment now. My wife just sulks and doesn’t ‘punish’ me when I’ve upset her.

  22. Zedding stuff is done here too

    I shoulda realised (if I zedify, it become realized) there was a word for it.
    And, I had no doubt it was done in the ‘old dart’ (why is it called that?) from when I saw Minder; Terry wasn’t called Tez but it sounded like he coulda been. I know none of that makes sense because I’ve had a few – I’m watching State of Origin – Rugby League – NSW playing (bashing the fuck outa) Queensland. If you haven’t seen League, it’s like Gridiron between 2 teams only (and not 4 = Offence + Defence x 2) and it’s without ANY protective helmets and body armour.
    There’s not a shit show in China I woulda ever played it. a) I rather like my body the way it is and b) I’m chicken and don’t like pain.

  23. Terry (itself a contraction) is ‘Tel’, obviously!

    I assume the RL description was aimed at our American cousins who think that it’s normal to stop for 3 minutes after tackle.  When my stepson was made flanker for the school (at 16) I pointed out thats the coaches way of saying you’re fat.

    I played a bit of union in my early years (before 15) at school and even at 8 with the Saracens, but being painfully thin I used to get out the way of the fat kid who wasn’t wearing his glasses. 30 Years later my Dad still refers to this- I point out if some-one twice your weight is coming towards you (not fast, but with inertia) I do get out the way.

    Here’s a question- Who are the current Olympic Rugby Champions?

  24. If you’re asking, I doubt it’s Oz and with a memory only slightly better than a goldfish I can’t remember what happened 3 years ago.
    It sounds like a loaded question (and I don’t feel like Googling) so I’d have to say England as opposed to UK.

    Terry is a contraction – damn, that just slipped past my normally attentive nature.

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