I think it went well.

The interview that I had yesterday that is. It turns out that the reason the MGM Grand is hiring is because they’re nearing completion on their new permanent casino in Detroit. It’s an impressively large building that looks completely out of place in Detroit. They’re hiring some 1,000 people to work in the new casino which is due to open this fall.

The whole thing started off with a web-based behavior assessment that consisted mainly of being presented with two different statements such as “I make friendships easily and I work hard to maintain them” and “I accept responsibility for my mistakes” of which you’re supposed to click on the one that describes you best. The test tells you at the start that you may occasionally have to pick between two unappealing choices, but the problem for me more often than not was that I thought both choices described me pretty well and I was only allowed to choose one. A lot of the questions show up more than once, sometimes worded differently and sometimes not, and then in the middle of the whole thing it asks you to rank statements on a scale of 1 to 9 with 1 meaning the statement didn’t describe you at all and 9 meaning it was spot on. If there was a method to the madness I couldn’t discern it.

From there I met with two people from the IT department itself who asked me questions pertaining mainly to my technical knowledge and then finally with a HR representative who asked all the other questions you usually get asked in an interview such as what do I consider to be my greatest strength and biggest weakness and where do I see myself headed in my career and so on. All in all it took some three hours total which has to be a personal record interview time for me. I should hear back in a couple of days whether or not they want to do a second interview with me and if they do I get to meet the director of something that I can’t recall right now, but it sounded really important and impressive at the time.

Then the trip home from Detroit took a good three hours in its own right thanks to construction and a big accident that closed down part of I-96. I also stopped at the credit union to deposit a couple of checks I’d been carrying around for longer than I probably should, but that didn’t take long at all. So from the time I left around 9AM in the morning I didn’t make it back home until almost 4:30PM.

But I think it went well so we’ll see.

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  1. Sounds like it went well to me too. Keeping my fingers crossed and good thoughts.

    My guess that someone that is willing to admit their mistakes is more desired than someone that who would “work hard” to maintain friendships. I could see that a casino would want you to put your honesty over any friendships you might make with coworkers.

    Good Luck! You deserve some!

  2. I hope they’re after a bloke exactly like you.

    Sounds like one of those standard type psyche test thingies; I did one in the early 90s. She reckoned my profile was a bit like Hitler’s might have been. I guess I went overboard with some of my lies trying to fake sanity but I did manage to keep my GM – NSW position in the company for a few more years.
    And then I recall a stores supervisor’s job I had in the early 70s; my nickname was Hitler.
    I’d just come out of a war – I didn’t take shit from civvies. I would have snotted me.

  3. Good luck, Les.  Sounds like the job is more up your alley than the current one.

    I could see that a casino would want you to put your honesty over any friendships you might make with coworkers.

    Well, duh, thousandfirequeen.  Who doesn’t value honesty, and who wants to be friends with anyone who would ork a cow? LOL

  4. I had a paper version of this sort of interview years ago. I got hired, and then found the “decoder book” in the companies own library.

    I don’t remember much, but the concept was to rate the person in four or five scales that related to sanity, honesty, etc.

    The one question I do remember specifically because of its strangeness on a job application:
    Have you ever vomited blood? Answering ‘no’ turned out to be a mark against you in the honesty rating.

    So, make sure you lie and say yes.

  5. I hate those personality tests, because since they don’t know me they wouldn’t like what they say if I was honest because I don’t fit their image of ideality with the buzzwords of today. It’s sometimes clear what they want to hear and because of the above I have to lie. I think you cannot really judge someone without spending time with them, so I think trials are a better approach, bearing in mind changes over time.

    1000 people?!! Thats about 50 times more in one building than anywhere I know, probably more than the hospital too (the main employer of this area, serving a population of about 120,000 in 2 towns)

  6. 1000 people?!! Thats about 50 times more in one building than anywhere I know, probably more than the hospital too (the main employer of this area, serving a population of about 120,000 in 2 towns)

    Are You sure- lots of secondary schools have 1000+ pupils. There’s going to be 1000+ delegate at my union conference this month (but then we are one of the 5 biggest).  Go to a local football match- bet even non league sides can get 1000 people. 1000 people is one person per yard for just over half a mile

  7. Sounds like a pretty accurate test of your ability to divine what they wanted to hear and answer that way.

    Figuring out who has a strong internal moral compass must be a really pressing concern for any big company that does cash business with the public.

    Hope you get the job!  It sounds really interesting.  And if you’re carrying checks around too long, your money-handling habits have to be pretty conservative.

  8. Gee I wonder if that casino will have $25 min tables also! That would be the hardest for me..

    ’ Moloch demands fresh blood to maintain the appetite of his mechanical heart.
    Will you sacrifice your first born like Abraham would his Isaac?
    Tell me, why Dick Cheney underneath my bed?’

  9. LH- I was thinking along the lines of retail park superstores in the area – seemingly the other main employer. Your’re correct in that the secondary school I went to did have 700-1000 ish students but as an employer not so many, the neighbouring town recently got a university which is bigger still but the average place of employment here is not so big – ie the industrial estates comprise of small facilities.

    There is a striking contrast between my town and the one next to it – old people come here to die so there are about 5 retirement homes down my street and need for jobs is less, the other town is on average much younger population with a lot of young families, it has higher unemployment and high teenage pregnancy, and is significantly more hilly but I like the place

  10. Hope you get the job!

    It’s a small world—my brother and nephew have been working on building that casino—they’re sheetrockers. Don’t know if they’re done yet. They spent last fall sheetrocking a new casino in Petoskey.

    Are casinos going to be the salvation of Detroit? Is there salvation for Detroit? My relatives are telling me that for a lot of people in the Detroit area, their mortgages are higher than they could ever sell their houses for (negative equity). That’s a scary thought.

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