Fight the Stupid: Link to five science posts a week.

DOF asked me if I’d help to propogate this meme:

At the recent Republican debate, three out of ten Republican candidates stated that they did not believe in evolution. This reflects a larger ignorance of science. I have a very simple idea to combat the Stoopid for bloggers who don’t think of themselves as ‘science’ bloggers:

Once per week, link to five ‘science’ posts that you found interesting.

I already try to link to science posts often, but on reflection I realize that I don’t manage to do it as often as I sometimes think I do. I was stunned to hear that three of the Republican candidates for President don’t believe in Evolution though I don’t know why I should be surprised when nearly half of Americans also reject it in poll after poll.

As someone who has bemoaned the poor grasp of science by most Americans on more than one occasion I could be doing more to help promote it and so I will. Some of these posts may be little more than link dumps as I often have little to add to the articles in question, but I’ll be picking up the pace a bit just the same.

7 thoughts on “Fight the Stupid: Link to five science posts a week.

  1. Do they not believe in evolution or do they believe in sucking up to the conservative Christian power base that luvs the Republicans soooo much?  You know, the people that turn out to vote in the primaries so that one day we will have a Godly government that protects little unborn babies and heterosexual marriage?

    As J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, said, “if you act like a dumbshit, people will treat you as an equal”.

  2. Do they not believe in evolution or do they believe in sucking up to the conservative Christian power base that luvs the Republicans soooo much?

    I can’t decide which is worse.

  3. It would make (selfish) sense for the republicans to cut eductation funding and promote disbelief in evolution and such – for one thing they’d save money and for second they’d have more people thinking along the lines of what would get them elected, hence making the thing self-perpetuating. Notice how there is virtually an anti-thought attitude/movement and social benefits for allying with so long as you’re useful, this movement aims to keep the status quo so that it can continue to exist, it uses fear of change and need for security to create emotional barriers to attack to ideally render the target closed minded.

    Whilst it targets people with slightly fluffy heads, what you’re dealing with is a mindset formidably capable of hijacking the vulnerable and protecting itself, absolutely petrified of it’s own extermination hence the emotionally charged backlashes you see when you try to show a truebeliever™ reality.

    This is why truebelievers™ don’t need reason or complete explanation behind all the phonomena of science – they are absolutely petrified of reality because it undermines their fundamental security – but if you successfully do they will be forced to think so as to find security again.

  4. True stupidity is much worse than faked. Someone faking a stupid belief can be reasoned with if back up against the wall. Where as a true moron with only get rabidly defensive when faced with same situation.

  5. Here’s a little something something to get you started Les.  Love NCBI for all the computational tools which they offer for free.  Can even BLAST protein structures from home.

    This is a primer into biotechnology, genetics and other molecular aspects.  Useful to the layman in all of us.  Science Primer

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