We’re now carrying Google Adsense ads.

You’ve probably noticed that the side bar now has a Google Adsense ad in it. They finally relented and allowed me to join the program after rejecting two previous applications because my site had naughty words on it. The application took longer this time around so I think someone actually looked at SEB instead of just some bot scanning the page and they decided we’re not really any worse than a lot of other sites that display Google Adsense.

At the moment I’m just using the one ad box in the sidebar and it may contain five or so text links or a single graphic ad and it’ll vary on what it has based on the content of the page it appears on. As I expected I’m already finding a bit of humor in what ads it decides to show on various entries. I believe it’s possible for people who want to advertise on SEB to specifically request their ads appear here if any of the people who have contacted me in the past about advertising here are still interested in doing so. I have no idea how much it would cost or what the process would be, but it’s there if you seriously want to associate yourself with SEB.

I went with Google Adsense because it seems to me to be the least intrusive of the various ad services out there. I’ll probably be putting up a Google Referrer and perhaps a Google Search box at some point as well. I haven’t decided on whether to put the ads into the RSS feeds as some sites are doing, but my inclination is not to do that. I don’t expect to get rich off these ads, but if it helps to offset the cost of hosting a bit until I can land a more lucrative job then I’ll be happy.

6 thoughts on “We’re now carrying Google Adsense ads.

  1. Yeah, their keyword scanning algorithms produce odd combinations, like the time my banner had an ad for a Christian science fiction novel at the same time as a couple of ads for lesbian books.  It totally ignores the actual content of your posts, so writing negatively about some alternative health practice still generates ads for it.

  2. Ive had ones such as “Teach God’s way to date”, which made me laugh. You could also make a little money with an online gambling section – little/no overhead and when set up, hopefully no maintanence.

    An SEB toolbar for browser would also be an interesting method through which you might squeeze in some adds or allow archive searches, or inform of new threads/comments, perhaps it could scroll.

    You could even have an SEB music/film download scetion where you aquired licence to legally sell downloads, and where approved freeware can be made available

  3. Stupid People
    Stupid People and more! Feed your passion with eBay.co.uk

    To the left and down as I type! Funnier than the one asking me to search ebay for Bush (do you think they do a multi buy deal, buy Bush and Cheney, get Rummy FREE) The irony was it was on the VTech/Iraq Cartoon post.

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