“Torchwood” coming to BBC America.

The Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood will be airing soon on BBC America:

Exciting news from BBC AMERICA’s press department hit the wires this morning: the entire channel is undergoing a “radical makeover” later this year. The channel will now “focus exclusively on bringing U.S. audiences the very best in contemporary British programs – including a greater emphasis on our world renowned news coverage,” according to our new head honcho, Garth Ancier. Lots of great acquisitions to announce, including MI-5 (Spooks to you UKers), the long-running youth soap Hollyoaks (which I love), Hotel Babylon, the new Jennifer Saunders comedy The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, and new seasons of Hex, Life On Mars, and Doctor Who.

I miss the BBC America channel. We had it back in Canton thanks to Wide Open West cable, but Charter doesn’t carry it which is just one more reason for me to think Charter is a crappy cable network.

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  1. And Channel Ten is airing it here in Australia, which is odd because I remember reading some months back that ABC (which shows Doctor Who) had bought the series.

  2. KPG, I just double checked the local channel lineup at Charter’s website and there’s no BBC America listed for us.

    Channel lineups do vary by region though.

  3. Spooks has as much to do with real counterespionage as CSI does with real police work- still love it though.

    Before watching Life on Mars try and get to see “The Sweeney” (not the films though)

    KILL HOLLYOAKS- More whiney kids. I blame soap-opra kids for some of the way teens act today.

  4. I think Life on Mars stands alone just fine if you haven’t seen the Sweeney.

    I second the recommendation of Spooks. Hex looks interesting, but I haven’t caught it yet. Ditto Hotel Babylon.

    I wonder if they’re going to make a second season of The Eleventh Hour?

  5. I think Life on Mars stands alone just fine if you haven’t seen the Sweeney.

    I knew it would be a bad comparison.  What I was aiming for is the 70’s view of 70’s policing, before seeing the 90’s view of 70’s policing.  ‘The Sweeney’ was off limits for referencing by LoM writers, lest it turn into straight paraody. Next week is allegedly the last one (Series 2 8 of 8).  What Americans will make of the line “I can handle you driving like a pissed up crack head, I can handle you treating women like beanbags, BUT STAY OUT OF CAMBERWICK GREEN” I dont know.

    For lovers of 60s/70 nostalgia TV shows there was a great game ran at Salute ‘05 (A wargames convention). Called ‘Diamond Geezers’ it recreated a fictional London High Street, complete with Nelson Mandela House (From only fools and horses) at one end, and a Scrap yard hiding 3 mini’s (red white and blue) at the other. the table was 18ft by 6

    It was a participation game- meaning anyone could join in- kipper ties were provided. There were 5 teams of 2- the Sweeney, the Professionals, the Avengers, The persuaders and another (can’t remeber- suggestions anyone). The umpires played the villains.  I got to be Jack Regan, leap out a screeching Ford Granada and shout “We’re the Sweeney- your nicked”.  The organiser appreciated it- he cracked up- as a number of players were too young to fully get into the mood (ie born after 1975).

    All together now ‘Da da daaaa, da da daaaa, dum dum dum-dum dum-dum da da da dum dum’ YOU’RE NICKED YOU SLAG.

  6. I found Spooks great for the first season and for part of the second. The new team don’t interest me.

  7. In comparison with Doctor Who, Torchwood is unutterably dreadful. Be warned.

    Couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been re-watching Torchwood this week and having a grand time. Captain Jack carries the show with ease. Sort of like The X-Files, only with lots of casual sex.

  8. Torchwood relationship to Dr Who isn’t the same as CSI:NY to CSI (same stuff different faces). TW is X-files with backstory (yes I know, but it’s shorthand for ‘we know about Jack’). Plus obviously the sex- especially the alien into knee tremblers.

  9. I think Torchwood is a decent enough program, I’m not as enamored with it as I am with Doctor Who, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

  10. And Channel Ten is airing it here in Australia …

    Mick, according to Ten it isn’t in their system yet … or did I miss it all?

    I just YouTubed Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Cyberwoman episode and watched them, one arfer ‘nother.

    I’m just gonna download ‘n watch the Small Worlds episode: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    After watching the Cyberwoman and Small Worlds episodes Torchwood seems psychologically and ever so slightly, mentally stimulating, although, I’m fairly sure I couldn’t put up with mind-numbing advertisements to watch it.
    I’m not into self-psycho-torture … enough.  wink

  11. Cyberwoman is the worst episode

    Yeah, KPG, I’ve figured that.
    No wuckers; I’m a convert.  smile  I must admit I’m rather partial to the lilt in the Welsh accent but I still wouldn’t be able to handle the ads.
    I’ve watched at least 3 other episodes … maybe 4 – I’m nearly Torchwood’d out.
    I suppose y’all know Torchwood’s an anagram for Doctor Who, eh?

    This person seems to have uploaded quite a collection of Torchwood to YouTube.
    It’ll keep me entertained a while. wink

  12. I suppose y’all know Torchwood’s an anagram for Doctor Who, eh?

    Yep. Funny story behind that one. Originally, when the new series was just getting ready to premiere, they were really worried about tapes leaking out. So RTD decided to label them all with the anagram Torchwood, so nobody but staff would know what it was.

    A year later, when he decided to set up a spin off, the name was a natural.

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