Third season of new “Doctor Who” comes to Sci-Fi Channel in July.

The BBC and Sci-Fi Channel put out a joint press release today:

New York, NY April 23, 2007SCI FI Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas today announced a major acquisition deal for the U.S. premiere of the third season of Doctor Who. The series will debut on SCI FI in July 2007, kicking off with the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride, guest-starring award-winning comedy actress Catherine Tate.

In season three, David Tennant returns to his role as the mysterious, time-traveling Doctor. American audiences will meet the Doctor’s brand-new sidekick, Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), in the first official episode of the season, “Smith and Jones.”

Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel, said ‘Doctor Who’ has become a favorite among SCI FI audiences. We are happy to bring the show back for its third season and look forward to following the Doctor’s continuing adventures with his newest companion.”

Executive Producer and Lead Writer Russell T Davies says, “We were delighted and honored by the second series’ success, and we can promise new thrills, new laughs and some terrifying new aliens. The Doctor and Martha are destined to meet William Shakespeare, blood-sucking alien Plasmavores, The Judoon a clan of galactic stormtroopers and a sinister Dalek plot in 1930s New York.”

I think it’s great that the new series is doing well here in the States. It should help keep it around for quite awhile.

10 thoughts on “Third season of new “Doctor Who” comes to Sci-Fi Channel in July.

  1. a sinister Dalek plot in 1930s New York

    Yep, can’t wait until next week for part two of that two parter to air. Thankfully, my American computer is hooked up to a TARDIS so TV shows magically appear on it’s hard drive from different times and places. (Course, I’ll also have the season 3 box set pre-order the minute it shows up on

  2. What?? No Rose?


    Rose is my buxom blond British babycakes!


  3. So Les, what do you think happens to the series when they use up their last and final Doctor? He does have a limited number of regenerations and they are getting pretty close to his final regeneration.

    They franchise can live on through it’s audio drama’s and books, but as far as TV goes…

    They have even eliminated the possibility of a spin-off with another character from Gallefrey. Unless, of course, he’s not really the last Time Lord alive…

  4. The final regeneration thing has always been a quirk and it’s easy to writearound. Hell, the Master passed his final regen back in the 70’s and he’s had at least two incarnations since then.

    The easy solution would be to say that the Time War and the destruction of Gallifrey got rid of the restriction. Maybe The Doctor absorbed all the future lives of the rest of the Time Lords.

  5. I was going to argue that the Master was evil and really didn’t look all that good after he started delving into his post final regenerations. Of course, he was evil even before his final regen, so I suppose that may have played a factor.

    However, I like your solution of “Maybe The Doctor absorbed all the future lives of the rest of the Time Lords.” If that were the case, he would have all but infinite regenerations. smile

  6. My only long face I have with the new Dr (from Eccleston on) was the decision to do it as 45mins.  There are good commercial reasons for this – it becomes an hour on commercial TV – and the 4 x 30mins did always seem a little drawn out, even in the 70s when we wre used to such things. However the new format seems a little rushed at the end “Heck, 7 mins to get all this wrapped up”- I would prefer more 2 parters- 2x45mins seems good, 1 for set up, one for denoument. 

    I have no truck with those who complain too much special effects. They would have killed for CGI back in the 70’s, instead of men in dodgy rubber suits. SFX enhance a good show, not detract from it.  I love the way that the new Drs are shown as so lonely, not being able to stop, and hurting those who attach themselves. the Sarah Jane episode was a masterpiece. Emotions in SF- whoodavthunkit.

  7. There’s some hints that The Doctor isn’t the last of the Timelords after all and, considering how many times now the Daleks have reappeared, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that there’s plenty of Timelords left, but they’re in hiding or something.

  8. If the Time Lords can offer The Master (in a non-Gallifreyan body no less) a new cycle of regenerations in “The Five Doctors” then I image it can’t be too hard for the writers to come up with some reason why The Doctor earns a new cycle assuming we get that many different actors in the role during this new series.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that there’s plenty of Timelords left, but they’re in hiding or something.

    Saw this posted by an anonymous commenter on Keith R.A. DeCandido’s livejournal:

    Every single character seen this year, that is not clearly established as being something else (like a plasmavore), is actually a Time Lord hiding in various points in history.

    Hospital Director = Time Lord (on his last regeneration that’s why he died).
    Actors at globe theatre = Time Lords
    Man in Bowler hat = Time Lord
    Married Old Ladies = Time Lords
    Face of Boe = Rassilon
    Poor New Yorkers = Time Lords

    Oh, and Adam is coming back next episode as Davros and Mickey, yes Mickey, is the Master… Once the Time Lords re-assert themselves he can easily come back from the parallel earth.

    Strikes me as being pretty indicative of the nutty theories that float about on Gallifreyone’s forums. I know the Time Lords will be back, hell I’d even take a giant cosmic reset button so we can have Time Lords and non Cult of Skaro Daleks running around again.

  9. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that there’s plenty of Timelords left, but they’re in hiding or something.

    Perhaps they don’t like him.

    “Who is it”
    “Hell, its the Doctor”
    “Bugger- quick, turn the telly off, and all hide behind the furniture”

    And thats the real reason people hide behind the sofa when Dr Who comes on!

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