The Doctor’s new companion, Martha Jones, has her own MySpace blog.

Season 3 of the new Doctor Who series kicked off last night at 7PM over in England with a new companion for The Doctor filling the hole left behind by Rose Tyler being left in an alternate reality at the end of the last season. As it turns out Martha Jones, the new companion, has her own MySpace Blog which she started on March 23rd. Note I didn’t say that Freema Agyeman has started a MySpace blog, she’s the actress who plays Martha Jones, but rather the character herself has a MySpace blog.

The first four entries or so are the sort of thing you’d expect to find in an online journal, but the fifth entry is directly referencing the events that happened in last night’s episode of Doctor Who. Which means if you haven’t seen it and don’t want any spoilers then you should stay away from her blog. The entry itself is written so that it actually fits into the events of the storyline of the episode.

It’s an interesting idea to take a character and give them a blog on a real world social networking site, but I’m not sure it really enhances the show to any great degree. I’m not even sure it’s an original idea, but my real question is: Why’d it have to be MySpace? Of all the ugly websites to pick for her blog…

3 thoughts on “The Doctor’s new companion, Martha Jones, has her own MySpace blog.

  1. The Beeb has been keen on making tie-in websites for Doctor Who over the last two years. I wouldn’t have expected them to use a pre-existing site, though.

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